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Cheap 98 Cell Seed Starter Tray Wholesale

Tissue culture techniques are used to breed chrysanthemums(propagation tray), which are detoxified, disease-free and maintain excellent characteristics. The medium was MS + 6BA = (6-benzyl hydrazine) 1 mg / liter of ten NAA (cae acetic acid) 0.2 mg / liter, pH 5.8. Use the tip of the chrysanthemum (0.3-0.5mm), the tender stem or the flower bud (diameter 9-10mm), cut into small pieces of 0.5 cm(greenhouse supplies pots), and inoculate. Room temperature is 26 degrees Celsius 1 degree Celsius, and light is added for 8 hours per day (1000-1500 lux).(cheap 98 cell seed starter tray wholesale)

The following is a description of the commonly used breeding methods for chrysanthemum bonsai: less useful materials(plug trays), callus can be induced after 1-2 months. In another 1-2 months, green shoots are differentiated. The differentiated green shoots were then transferred to White+NAAI-2 mg/L medium and induced to produce robust roots after about 1 month. It can be cultivated for another month and can be grown outdoors(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is the key to the success of the test tube seedlings by half the amount of the original culture solution.

The nutrient solution is poured once a week, 100 ml each time(gallon plant pot). The watering should be wet and dry, and the transplanting and planting can be carried out in the spring of the third year. The splicing is suitable for multi-species grafting or high-splitting crowns. The soil surface only stays two or three centimeters. The thick ones are cut and subcutaneously connected. A deep ditch is dug next to the mother plant and enters the sky(plastic grow pots). The plum trees that are propagated with seeds can withstand drought. It has a strong growth and is suitable for planting on hillsides. However, the plum trees bred by this method are genetically unstable and have large variations.

(cheap 98 cell seed starter tray wholesale)In the flower and plant world, it is also considered to be an early flowering plant(cell trays). The watering in the winter and spring season also has a certain impact on the plum blossom period. After all, the temperature is relatively low and the seedling volume is large. If the water is not properly watered, it will not only affect the flowering of the plant, but may even affect the normal growth of the plant. And plum alone in the world and spring(flat plastic tray), must be watered, but the leaves have fallen, the two ends are tight, after pouring, watering, specific technology.

The roots are propagated in the field of harvesting chrysanthemums to keep warm in winter and prevent the freezing damage from affecting the survival rate(gallon nursery pots). When sprouting from April 20 to mid-May of the next year, the transplanting of the ramets can be carried out. Out, gently shake off the soil, and then separate the chrysanthemum seedlings, each seedling has white roots, cut off the long roots and the top of the seedlings(seed starter trays), the roots are kept 6 ~ 7cm, the ground remains 16cm, can be according to the hole distance 40cm × 30cm Dig a hole, plant 1 to 2 plants per hole.

(cheap 98 cell seed starter tray wholesale)The cutting propagation time is determined according to the characteristics of the variety and the climatic conditions of each place(black plastic plant pots). Intercepting pest-free and robust new techniques as cuttings, cuttings 10 to 13 cm long, suitable temperature 15 to 18 ° C, soil should not be too much or too wet. First remove all the leaves in the lower 5~7cm of the cuttings, the upper leaves are retained, and the cuttings are inserted into the whole middle 5~7cm deep(square nursery pots). The top is exposed to the soil surface about 3cm, water is poured, covered with a layer of straw, and rooted for about 20 days.

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