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Rubber tree is a kind of evergreen tree, which can be used as a potted plant to beautify the indoor environment(plastic flower pots for sale). It is often placed in the living room, study and other places to decorate the indoor environment. Even a small pot can make it grow quietly(seed starting trays). Moreover, the green and thick leaves are tropical all the year round, so that you can feel the hot atmosphere in the tropical environment indoors.

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When, first of all, in the growth period of the plant(buy plant pots online), and we should provide sufficient water supply as soon as possible, and at the same time, if we can keep the potted soil wet frequently; but in autumn and winter, we should reduce watering, because in such a low temperature environment, if we water too much, it will come out There is rotten root phenomenon(4.33inch plastic plant pots), which is not conducive to the safe winter.

(cheap big garden plant pots wholesale supplier)In order to ensure that the plant can safely survive the cold winter, in addition to adding some heat preservation measures(custom plant pot), the most important control of watering is to keep the basin soil slightly moist, of course, no fertilization. Due to the high requirement of rubber trees on the humidity of the growing environment(wholesale greenhouse pots), the principle of "see the dry and see the wet" should be adopted in the aspect of watering. 

The premise is that the basin soil and the flowerpot have good drainage effect(buy succulent pots online), and the water in the basin will not be caused after watering. In addition to normal watering, air humidity is also very important, which is also one of the key links to ensure the normal growth of plants(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). But it can also spray beer water diluent to plants, which can not only delay the aging of old leaves, but also make the leaves more green and bright.(cheap big garden plant pots wholesale supplier)

Although it is particularly important in watering(small succulent pots wholesale), how to water the potted rubber tree? Especially in the hot summer, the air will be too dry due to the high temperature. The leaves can also be kept moist, the color of the leaves becomes brighter and more ornamental. The phenomenon of ponding is caused by the poor drainage effect in the basin, which is like the watering of most plants(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). Therefore, potted rubber trees will not occupy much of your indoor space. 

(cheap big garden plant pots wholesale supplier)We should take timely measures to improve the air humidity(bulk buy plastic plant pots). The air humidity can be increased by spraying water on the leaf surface and on the ground around the plant. When it comes to increasing ornamental, we can also use another solution to improve it(4.13inch plastic plant pots). When the soil in the basin dries, the water replenishing measures should be taken in time, and the water should not be dried or not, and the water should be watered as much as possible if it is dry.

That is to say, spray the thin Potassium Permanganate solution to the potted rubber tree about 1 times a week, and sprinkle evenly on the front and back of the leaf(black plastic nursery pots wholesale). It can not only clean up the pollutants on the leaves, but also improve the light absorption effect of the leaves, promote the photosynthesis of the leaves, and make the leaves grow thicker(3.94inch plastic plant pots). It is easy to have rotten roots, and then the phenomenon of branches and leaves withering and falling leaves.(cheap big garden plant pots wholesale supplier)

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