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Cheap Big Plastic Garden Plant Pots For Sale

Planting the first growing season, try to cut or not cut as much as possible to maximize the amount of crown and branches(square grow pots). When the saplings of the first three years are pruned in winter, they mainly remove the weak branches, drooping branches, horizontal branches, cross branches, stalks, overlapping branches and so on(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers).

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(cheap big plastic garden plant pots for sale)But blueberry is an oligotrophic fruit plant(plastic plant trays wholesale). After entering the fruiting period, the size of the canopy has basically reached the requirement, and the further expansion of the canopy should be controlled. It also depends on the fertility in the potting soil and the growth state of the plant, so that it is better to use less fertilization, not more fertilization!

The principle is to go weak and stay strong. In addition to weak branches, diseased branches(11.43cm square grow pots), dead branches, cross branches, and overlapping branches are also objects that need to be removed. Blueberry fertilization is mostly physiological acid fertilizer, such as ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, diammonium, potassium sulfate type ternary compound fertilizer can be used. 

Usually for strong branches, it is generally necessary to carry out different degrees of short cuts(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Perhaps the young trees that have just been planted need to be cut off from flower buds and excessively thin branches. After the spring germination, some new shoots should be selectively removed as early as possible to strengthen the growth potential of the retained new shoots(11.43cm square nursery pots). 

(cheap big plastic garden plant pots for sale)Compared with many other fruit plants, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in plants is very small(gallon pot). Based on this feature, we must pay special attention to excessive fertilization in the process of planting blueberries in pots, otherwise it will cause fat damage, the concentration of liquid fertilizer is low, and the frequency of fertilization is also low. 

Usually, when planting the blueberry on the pot, it is generally necessary to add an appropriate amount of organic matter in the culture soil(heavy duty gallon pot), and does not require the above basic fertilizer or base fertilizer. Organic matter such as straw, and when these substances rot, organic acids are produced, so that the potting soil maintains the necessary acidity.(cheap big plastic garden plant pots for sale)

The process of supplementing nutrients mainly refers to the process of topdressing(nursery plant pots). What kind of fertilizer does the potted blueberry apply? In order to make the pH reach the requirement of suitable blueberry growth, pine needles, crushed pine bark, moss, weeds, rotten leaves and broken crops can be added to the potting soil(cheap 1 gallon plant pots), leaving limited space for the growing branches or branches. 

The culture soil of the potted blueberry is acidic(seed starting trays). Organic matter is necessary for potted blueberries, and the organic matter content in the potting soil is above 8%, and it is not necessary to fertilize it. However, it is not possible to apply nitrate fertilizer such as ammonia nitrate or potassium nitrate(heavy duty plant pots). When fertilizing, the concentration is required to be thin and light, and the amount is low and the frequency is low.

Moreover, potted blueberries are more suitable for the application of fertilizers such as phosphorus pentoxide and ammonium sulfate(large plastic terracotta pots), but the same requirements are less frequent and low, otherwise it will cause damage to the plants and even death. The fertilization of potted blueberries is selective in the type of fertilizer(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), and the amount of fertilization is small(cheap big plastic garden plant pots for sale).

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