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Cheap Big Plastic Garden Plant Pots Wholesale

The 220-well blister tray is adopted, and the seedling substrate is made of peat or coco peat(gallon pot), and the imported substrate or the domestically-made superior substrate is suitable. The ratio of peat substrate is peat: vermiculite: perlite = 3V: 1V: 1V, and the matrix is required to have good gas permeability, no stagnation, no efflorescence, and no weeds(6 inch plastic plant pots). For example, if the coco peat substrate is used, it is better to use fine-grained coco peat in summer breeding and coarse coco peat in winter, which is conducive to evaporation of water.

(cheap big plastic garden plant pots wholesale)Studies have shown that if the green onion seedlings are applied with bio-fertilizer after emergence(32 cell plant trays bulk), 3 to 5 kg of yellow humic acid organic fertilizer can be added to each 1 m3 matrix to facilitate the effective promotion and prevention of biological agents. With the sowing machine dry seed sowing, the whole process of matrix filling, pressing, sowing and covering the substrate can be completed in one time(4 inch nursery pots). 3 capsules per hole were covered, covering a substrate thickness of 0.5 cm.

Because the seedling stage of the green onion is obviously different from the solanaceous fruits and melons(50 cell plant trays bulk), the seedling stage is slow to develop, the number of leaves changes little, and there is no sign stage such as bud and flowering. In the management of seedling stage, it is considered that there are few factors such as seed autotrophic and early seedlings requiring less water and fertilizer after emergence of green onion(20 gallon plastic pots), and it is easy to fall over in low temperature in winter.

(cheap big plastic garden plant pots wholesale)Therefore, the production can also be first mixed with the substrate and then sown(50 cell seed trays wholesale), which can effectively ensure the emergence and early emergence of the seedlings. Taking spring sowing as an example, sowing in mid-to-late February, emergence of seedlings 5 to 7 days after sowing, and 60 days (days) of seedling age(plug plant trays), the water and fertilizer management in the seedling stage can be generally in accordance with the previous period (0 to 20 days (days) after sowing).

In the production, the seedling stage of the green onion is divided into three stages: the front, the middle and the late stage, which are in line with the growth and development characteristics of the green onion, and it is feasible in practice. The intermediate stage (20 to 35 days (days) after sowing) and the later stage (35 to 60 days after sowing) are carried out in three stages(2 gallon plastic nursery pots). After sowing, the water is poured, and the trays are placed neatly in the greenhouse seedling bed.

(cheap big plastic garden plant pots wholesale)Therefore, it will be planted from November to January of the next year(72 cell seed trays wholesale), but the temperature of the day and night of the large arch shed is low in this season. The growth of the onion seedlings is extremely slow. Even if the supply of water and fertilizer is increased, the growth effect will not be achieved, and the seedling period will be greatly extended, resulting in reduced production efficiency(cheap plastic garden pots), so it is not recommended in production guidance.

Therefore, it is recommended that the well water be magnetized and then watered in the production(seed planting trays wholesale). Generally, in order to realize the annual seedling, the water can significantly promote the growth and development of the onion plants after magnetization. During the germination period, the soil should be kept moist to facilitate the seed germination and unearthing. The water should be properly controlled in the early stage(square succulent pots). The relative water content of the substrate should be kept at 60%.

The surface of the substrate should be dry and wet to prevent the seedlings from growing(18 cell plug trays supplier). In particular, it should be noted that the water content of the winter seedling substrate should not be too high to avoid low temperature rooting. The quality of the single-hole base of the green onion tray seedlings is small, and the water and fertilizer retention ability is poor(succulent pots in bulk). Therefore, it is better to use the automatic sprinkler system for small water pouring.(cheap big plastic garden plant pots wholesale)

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