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Cheap Black 1 Gallon Plant Container Wholesale Canada

Therefore, if you simply want to create the environment of the original place of origin and it must be ideal(wholesale nursery pots), there will be a 75% black shade net for the raw stone flower placed on the south flower stand on a sunny day to avoid the sun exposure before and after the summer noon; The raw stone flowers on the east window stand were not exposed to the shade for three or four hours, and there was no burn in the summer(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, the raw stone flower that has been sun-dried is a little atrophy and wrinkles is a normal phenomenon, do not worry too much.

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(cheap black 1 gallon plant container wholesale canada)In addition, there may be friends who say that my raw stone flower has been kept in the open air for a whole period of time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and there is no problem of burns. Yes, this shows that these raw stone flowers are fully adapted to the local climate. Incidentally, the varieties of Japanese-style jade(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), Lumeiyu, Zixun, Fulaiyu, and waste jade are more tolerant to light, while the varieties such as jade, micro-grain, Dajinhui and Lihong are weaker.

When the summer arrives(plug trays wholesale), can the raw stone flower be watered during summer dormancy? This is a ubiquitous and very entangled problem. My experience is that I can't let the stone drink a lot of water, but I can't give it to a drop of water. Although the raw stone is in the dormant period, there is no rain in the hot and dry days, but there is still some humidity below the deeper surface(40 cell plug tray wholesale). The roots of the raw stone flower are more or less able to get a little bit of moisture.(cheap black 1 gallon plant container wholesale canada)

The safest method is to spray the raw stone body surface at night(black plastic nursery pots). This is based on the principle that the stomata on the leaves of the stone flower are closed during the day and turned on at night. The surface spray can also cool the raw stone flower. This method is only suitable for sunny days, do not spray on rainy days. I used a raw stone flower planted only with honeycomb cinder and a small amount of humus soil. I dipped the pot every 10 days or so during the dormancy for 1~2 seconds(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). The water level only went to the bottom layer (large particle permeable layer), and the effect was not bad.

However, most of the raw stone flowers we plant now, the most demanding species of raw stone, are very high in light(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Low light or excessive shading may lead to the growth or even decay of the stone. Anything is not absolute. In the player's post, there is often a saying that "I still water the stone in summer." Watering for three years(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), no diamonds can not take the magnet, to achieve such skill is still to slowly cultivate.(cheap black 1 gallon plant container wholesale canada)

In fact, it can be extended to the maintenance method of the stone flower dormancy period(plastic nursery pots), because most of the stone flower is a winter type, it is not wet, and it is dormant in the summer months. The hot and humid climate in our country is not the same in summer (especially in the south). For potted plants, it is impossible to reach the surface temperature of the South African origin. In China, the biggest threat to the stone is wet(9cm plastic grow pots), so strengthen the ventilation in the case of water control. Very helpful for summer.

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