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Cheap Black 1 Gallon Plastic Pots For Sale

Jiulixiang is an evergreen shrub, but sometimes it also grows the shape and temperament of small trees(flat plastic tray). Because of its beautiful shape, green leaves and fragrant flowers, it is very suitable for making bonsai for appreciation. At the same time, the leaves and leaves of Jiulixiang can be used as medicine, which has obvious curative effect on relieving pain, regulating qi and activating blood circulation, and its leaves, flowers and fruits can also be used for refining essence(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, Jiulixiang is a multi-purpose tree species with high application value. .

(cheap black 1 gallon plastic pots for sale)In particular, the requirements for the soil environment are not too high(propagation tray). Then, for ordinary potted plants, it is generally preferred to choose fertile and loose, breathable and permeable sandy loam. Since Jiulixiang does not require high soil environment, it is generally suitable for the preparation of a popular soil environment(cell trays). But the most basic requirements still need to be met, that is, the soil is rich in humus, fertile and loose sandy soil environment.

According to the above criteria, we can mix and match the mud(plastic grow pots), pond mud and vegetable garden soil, and then mix in the humus soil produced in some broad-leaved forests. Of course, we can also mix some cinders in it, and the effect will tend to be better. After all, the cinder has the characteristics of strong water permeability(seed starter trays). Although Jiulixiang also has certain moisture resistance, if it is soaked in water for a long time, rooting and rotting roots may still occur.

(cheap black 1 gallon plastic pots for sale)Mainly to improve the permeability of the mixed matrix, to avoid causing roots and roots(plug trays). Since Jiulixiang is native to the south, it is a kind of slightly acidic tree species. Therefore, in the process of preparing potting soil, we should also consider the pH of the soil, and generally prepare the potting soil into slightly acidic soil(gallon nursery pots). It is generally recommended to neutralize or reduce the alkalinity of the soil by appropriate topdressing, and it can be applied twice a year to the fertilizer.

It has good adaptability to the soil environment in the south(greenhouse supplies pots), and some substances such as gypsum can also be used to reduce the alkalinity of the soil. And adding some cinder, in this case, the planting effect is often better. From the above aspects, the soil environment used for planting Jiulixiang often requires: rich nutrients, good porosity, strong permeability(square nursery pots), and slightly acidic, so that the soil can often meet its growth needs.

(cheap black 1 gallon plastic pots for sale)In addition to the above simple method of soil cultivation(gallon plant pot), we can also try to use sandy loam, pond mud, peat soil, river sand, slag, cake residue, etc., according to the ratio of 7:5:4:1:2 Mix and mix, mix well and use. Although this method of soiling seems to be more complicated than the previous one, in order to improve the quality of the soil and promote the growth of the plant(black plastic plant pots), it is often worthwhile.

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