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Cheap Black 15 Gallon Nursery Pots For Sale Ireland

After more than 30 years of development(seedling trays), the factory-based seedling industry originated from abroad has become a pillar industry for vegetable and horticultural production in these countries. Its supporting mechanized seedling technology has been relatively mature, and the corresponding nursery line has complete equipment, perfect functions, high operation efficiency, and complete supporting industries such as seed treatment and matrix processing(plastic plant trays). Develop corresponding equipment for growers of different sizes.

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(cheap black 15 gallon nursery pots for sale ireland)Not only meet the needs of small farmers, but also adapt to the needs of large-scale seedling planting(black plastic plant pots). The GS series needle-type seedling seedling seeding device produced by SEEDERMAN of the United States has the advantages of high seeding precision and easy operation. The single-row pressure point device of the matched pin type precision seeding machine adopts air pressure driving(plastic flower pots), and relies on the cooperation with the crawler belt on the lower working table to realize the effect of moving the pressure hole one row at a time. The pressure point is good for neutrality and the efficiency is 300. Disk / h.

The pressure pin on the device can be replaced to meet the needs of different sizes of the tray(10 gallon nursery pots), and the depth of the pressure hole can be adjusted. According to the same principle, the Dutch company Visser has improved the single-row pressure point mechanism into a double-row mechanism. It also uses pneumatic drive, one to two lines per pressure point, and a double-exhaust force needle seeder to quickly improve work efficiency(greenhouse pots). At the same time, in order to meet the efficiency of the drum planter, the roller type pressure point device was developed. Its power comes from the drive motor under the working platform.

(cheap black 15 gallon nursery pots for sale ireland)After a series of mechanical transmissions(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the pressure roller and the soil roller are synchronized, and the pressure is simultaneously achieved. Each time by changing the pressure roller to match the different specifications of the plug, the depth of the pressure hole can be adjusted. The PRO-300 automatic seeding machine of CONIC SYSTEM of Spain has high precision and high speed. It is vacuum pumped and has a speed of 1000 sets/h, which is suitable for different seed and tray seeding needs(square nursery pots). Among them, the structure of the pressure point device is a whole plate pressing point.

The pressure point is high, and the slide rail connection is adopted, which is convenient to replace(1020 trays). In addition, the automatic seedling production line produced by South Korea's Dadong Electromechanical Helper uses a single exhaust pressure driving pressure point device, and URBINATI of Italy uses a row pressure point device or a roller type pressure point device according to the needs of different production lines(wholesale greenhouse pots). The active rotation of the pressure roller is ensured, and the speed of the conveyor belt is adjusted to realize the synchronous pressure hole, because the conveyor belt and the pressure roller are respectively driven by different motors.

(cheap black 15 gallon nursery pots for sale ireland)It is impossible to achieve high precision of the centering of the pressure points for the different sizes of the trays(gallon plant pot). Zhou Haibo et al. developed a synchronous alignment mechanism for rice trays based on electromagnetic reversing valves and cylinder limit positions, which ensured the accurate alignment of the seed trays and improved the precision of seeding. China Agricultural University has developed a synchronous pressure point device(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Relying on the chain pitch and the matching of the hole spacing, the pressure roller and the tray are synchronized, but limited by the chain pitch, it is not suitable for different sizes of the tray.

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