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Cheap Black 15 Gallon Plant Pot Wholesale

For example, it produces and stores a variety of enzymes and various nutrients(105 cell trays bulk). The starch in the seeds is converted into sugars, and the fats become fatty acids. They are strong alkaline foods and have excellent effects on health, detoxification and anti-aging. Therefore, they are also called "plant placenta". In Japan, Taiwan and many other countries that focus on health care(seed starting trays), planting sprouts and edible sprouts have long been an indispensable part of daily life!

(cheap black 15 gallon plant pot wholesale)Because the nutrient density of the sprouts is very high(200 cell trays bulk), the "living enzymes" and nutrients are often ten or more times higher than the finished fruits and vegetables. The enzyme contained in one broccoli seedling is 50-80 times higher than a whole broccoli! Imagine that we ate dozens of sprouts at a time, which is equivalent to how many whole vegetables are eaten by enzymes and nutrition(gallon nursery pots)! In addition, seeds in the germinated state produce high levels of vitamins and minerals.

It is equivalent to twice the kiwifruit and five times the orange(128 cell trays bulk)! Therefore, the sprout is also an excellent vitamin and mineral supplement. In fact, in recent years, negative news about sprouts has been frequently reported by the media. In order to increase the germination rate, increase the sprouts, increase the storage time, etc., the vendors have added various hazardous additives such as urea, “AB” powder, sodium dithionite (commonly known as insurance powder or whitening) during planting and sales(black plastic plant pots). Agent).(cheap black 15 gallon plant pot wholesale)

For example, when these additives enter the human body, they cause great damage to the human body(112 cell trays bulk). Therefore, Delicious 101 recommends that you grow your own sprouts at home. Therefore, the amount of organic seeds is soaked in mineral water. The soaking time is controlled at 4-8 hours, soaked for 4 hours in summer, 5-6 hours in spring and autumn, and 6-8 hours in winter. Inject 3/4 of mineral water into the water tank of the germination machine(propagation tray), tighten the lid; assemble the components of the germination machine

Spread the soaked seeds evenly in the cultivation tray and place the seeds in the small holes of the cultivation tray as much as possible(162 cell trays bulk). Surrounded by shade cloth, sprouting begins. Wash the seeds, pick out the damaged seeds; soak them in mineral water for 4-8 hours. The soaked seeds are plated on the mesh plate of the sprout box. Spray water regularly with a watering can, pour a small amount of mineral water into the sprouting tray, and pour several times in summer(plug trays). When the sprouts grow to 5-8 cm, they can be harvested.

(cheap black 15 gallon plant pot wholesale)However, the ungerminated mung beans are not detected by vitamin C(288 cell trays bulk). The vitamin C content per 100 grams is as high as 183 mg. The seeds are washed and the damaged seeds are picked. The unsoaked seeds were plated on the mesh plate of the sprout box. Pour the mineral water into the sprouting tray until the mesh is placed in the tray, and the water just floats the seed. Pour off the water, only need to pour water once a day(square nursery pots), and the shoots can be harvested when they grow to 5-8 cm.

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