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Cheap Black 2.5 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

In recent years, eggplant grafting has been widely used in production(plastic nursery pots), and the wild eggplant rootstock with strong disease resistance has been grafted and cultivated, mainly to overcome the low temperature hazard of eggplant wintering cultivation and the continuous cropping problem of eggplant. The autumn and winter eggplants in the solar greenhouse are cultivated in the middle and late June, and are grafted in the middle and late August. They are planted in mid-September and harvested in mid-to-late October. In the solar greenhouse(seed starting trays supplier), the wintering will be planted in early August, and will be grafted in mid-October in October, and will be planted from the end of October to the beginning of November.

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(cheap black 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)"New Year's Day" is listed before and after(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The winter and spring cultivars are cultivated in the greenhouse in mid-November, and grafted in the middle and late January. It is planted in mid-February and harvested in late March. The rootstocks with strong affinity for rootstock grafting, good symbiosis with scion, anti-aubergine root disease, low quality of seedlings, high seed propagation coefficient, and market demand are mainly used in Toru Bam and sticky eggplant(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Rootstock seeds (Torrumbam) soak seeds for germination, soak for 2 to 3 days, and change temperature for 4 to 7 days to promote germination.

After germination, spread the flat plate, about 1000 per plate(black plastic nursery pots). After exposing the true leaves, spray with 2000 times of fertilizer to focus on preventing the disease. When the true leaf grows to the size of the thumb cover, spray the dwarf king or chlorophyll to control it again. Eggplant rootstock 5 leaves 1 heart, scion 4 leaves 1 heart, stem diameter 0.3 ~ 0.5cm, grafting during semi-lignification(128 cell plug trays supplier). Grafting must require skilled grafting workers, thorough disinfection, healing period of about 7 days, the film bottom temperature should not be higher than 32 ° C, night temperature should not be lower than 15 ° C.

(cheap black 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)Before the grafting, the moisture of the rootstock is kept at about 60%(plug trays wholesale). It is not required to be too high in moisture to prevent the rotten film. During the management, the time and process of uncovering the film may be uncovered. As the grafting time changes, the time for uncovering the film shall be extended. It is best to use a fungicide during healing, usually on the fourth day. After the seventh day of grafting, if the labor is sufficient, the unhealed seedlings should be picked out and covered(72 cell plug trays supplier), so that the survival rate can be improved, and the normal management can be carried out after healing, and the seedlings can be trained later.

Note: It is best not to use manganese-based medicines such as Xinwansheng and Jinlei(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The splicing method: the splicing method is the most commonly used method for eggplant grafting. The rootstocks with the similar stems and the scion are paired. In the upper part of the second true leaf of the rootstock, the upper part is cut with a blade, and the incision is 1.0~1.2 cm deep in the middle of the transverse section of the stem(200 cell seed starting trays). Take 2~3 true leaves from the ear seedlings, cut off the lower end, and carefully cut into wedges. The length of the slope is equivalent to the rootstock cut.

(cheap black 2.5 inch plastic plant pots wholesale)The scion is then inserted into the rootstock incision(wholesale nursery pots). After alignment, the clips are clamped, and the whole seedlings are grafted and arranged immediately to the seedbed, and placed in a small arched shed. Casing grafting: cut obliquely at an angle of 30°~40° with a blade at 3~5cm above the base of the rootstock of the rootstock, remove the root tip of the rootstock and retain the root. The inner diameter of 2.8 mm, 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm can be selected according to the size of the rootstock(72 cell propagation trays), and the inner diameter of the casing is equivalent to or smaller than the rootstock stem size.

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