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Cheap Black 20 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots

This phenomenon mainly occurs on the outer leaves(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In order to maintain the shape, a small bamboo stalk can be inserted into the pot, and the branches of the bougainvillea are gently fixed on the bamboo raft with aluminum wire. Technical measures such as bending and pulling can be used to control the growth of the apical dominance, so that the plants can develop according to the assumed plant shape(plastic nursery pots). In the modeling, the plants must be given sufficient sunlight to avoid problems such as weak growth of the branches, pale leaves, leaves falling off and no flowers.

(cheap black 20 gallon plastic nursery pots)The branches change from one to two, from two to four, until they develop into a desired shape crown(1 gallon plant pots supplier). Otherwise, it is easy to cause sprouting, and in addition, due to the passage of time, the shaped plants achieve the desired effect. After the growth is firm, after the integration, the binding line is removed. In bad weather such as yin, rain, snow, etc., the ground temperature is low and the light is weak(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the root system. Only the correct management can promote the normal growth of the plant.

Generally, vegetable growers think that plants grow slowly or not long, which is lack of fertilizer and water shortage(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). This is a misunderstanding of understanding, because under low temperature conditions, the roots have weak absorption, the plants grow slowly, and the demand for fertilizer and water is small. Therefore, in the case of sufficient bottom fertilizer and good bottom sill, watering and no topdressing should be avoided as much as possible in autumn and winter(black plastic nursery pots), in order to maintain the ground temperature, temperature, reduce air humidity, roots and roots, and promote the normal physiological growth of vegetables.

(cheap black 20 gallon plastic nursery pots)As long as it is not snow, rain, or foggy weather(2 gallon plant pots supplier), you must uncover the curtain, but when the temperature is low, you must especially expose the curtains and cover the curtains at night. When the temperature is high, the curtains and curtains should be exposed early. In order to prevent the long-term boring curtain from causing low temperature, high humidity, low light environment(plug trays wholesale), and induce various diseases, vegetables must be able to cause hunger and death due to photosynthesis in a long dark environment.

Generally, it is thicker than 3~100px, and it must be kept dry to achieve good insulation effect(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). Once the straw is soaked by rain, snow and dew, it can not only be well insulated, but also becomes a heat absorber. The wet straw curtain not only has poor heat preservation, but also greatly shortens the service life of the straw curtain. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the outer layer of the straw curtain with a layer of rainproof membrane(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can be used with a new membrane or an old membrane, so that it can not only keep warm but also facilitate the removal of snow.

(cheap black 20 gallon plastic nursery pots)The most vulnerable part of the frost damage is the frontier of the greenhouse(1 gallon pots manufacturer), and the focus is on the antifreeze work in front of the greenhouse. When the weather is cold, at night on the front edge of the greenhouse, one candle per 1m can keep the front foot from freezing damage. Pay attention to the candle to be at a certain distance from the front to prevent fire(wholesale nursery pots). Adding a layer of 1m high mulch film or film on the front edge can not only keep warm, but also prevent the front edge from dripping and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

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