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Cheap Black 3 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots For Sale

Variety of banana zucchini with early-greening, black-beautiful, emerald and yellow peels with large planting area is selected(plastic plant pots). From January to February, sowing seedlings should be planted from late February to early March. It will be listed in the middle and late April, and will be pulled in early June; autumn and winter will be planted in late August(seed starter trays). 

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Choose cloudy afternoon, in order to achieve the strong seedling index(plug trays), the seedling should be done: the soil is large (10-12cm), the seedling age is short (average seedling age 30-35 days), the temperature is low (the seedling period during the day 18 -22 ° C, night 8-10 ° C). 500 grams of seeds are required for every 667 square meters(wholesale greenhouse pots). 

Mix and put into a plastic cup(5 gallon plant pot). After filling, one cup of germinated seeds is sown per cup, and the soil is 20 cm thick. In order to increase the ground temperature, a geothermal line can be laid in the nursery bed. In addition to strengthening the venting and venting, it can spray 50% keining 1500-2000 times liquid, 58% It is 1000-1500 times liquid, and it can also be smoked with chlorothalonil aerosol. 

Sowing to emergence, the temperature is 25-30 °C during the day, and the seedlings can be produced after 3-4 days(greenhouse pots). In order to prevent the seedlings from growing out after emergence, the temperature should be lowered. It will be planted in late September and harvested in early November, which can be delayed until late April, combined with irrigation for 15-20 kg of phosphate diamine per 667 square meters.

In the early spring, the sputum can be planted for 20-30 days earlier than cucumber(nursery trays). Then the daytime temperature is 18-20 ° C, and the night is 6-8 ° C. In plastic cup seedlings, the principle of temperature control and water control should be mastered. The seeds were soaked in warm water of 60-62 ° C for 10-15 minutes, sterilized, soaked for 8-10 hours, drained, wrapped with wet gauze, and budded at 25-28 ° C for 48 hours.

The daytime temperature is 20-22 °C, and the nighttime is 10-12 °C, which can not only make the seedlings grow vigorously, but also promote the differentiation of female flowers(grow bags wholesale). The distance makes the seedlings tidy and strong. When the seedlings are poured, the nursery can be appropriately increased. The proportion of soil mix is half of organic matter and fertilizer garden soil. 

The seedlings should be drenched in the drought, and the watering in the general seedling stage should be 2-3 times(3 gallon nursery pots). In order to make the seedlings grow neatly, the mobile seedling method should be adopted to place the seedlings on the south side of the greenhouse seedbed, and the smaller seedlings are placed in the middle of the seedbed where the light temperature is better(plastic plant trays). 

The petiole is long, easy to shade, the temperature is stable above 3 °C(black plastic plant pots), the autumn and winter carp are planted at the beginning of September, and the seedlings are fully cold-strained at the late seedling stage. Plant height 15-16cm, stem diameter 0, 4-0, 5cm(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), with 2-3 true leaves, short internodes, compact plant type, developed root system, no pests and diseases.

At present, gray mold is infiltrated into the ovary by the stigma of the pistil at the flowering stage, 16-20 °C during the night, so that the top of the young fruit is mildewed and rotted(square nursery pots). 20% powder rust emulsion 2000 times liquid, 50% sulfur rubber suspension 300-400 times liquid(50 cell propagation trays wholesale), 70% methyl thiophanate 1000 times liquid, Fuxing 800 times liquid.

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