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Cheap Black 65 Gallon Nursery Grow Bags Manufacturers

When the seedlings grow 5 to 6 leaves, they are planted in a two-cylinder basin (inner diameter 23 cm). Immediately(square black plastic plant pots), 2 to 3 lateral buds are triggered and the rest are erased. When the lateral buds spread the leaves, leave 2 to 3 leaves to the tip. Can be flowered about 10 or so(plastic garden pots for sale). After the flower was thanked, it was immediately removed, and the buds were promoted to sprout new buds, leaving a few discretions, and the excess was wiped out.

This not only facilitates scientific management(3 gallon nursery pots for sale), but also facilitates the evaluation of exhibitions, and also facilitates the collection of fine varieties. The germination temperature of morning glory is 20 ~ 30 ° C, usually in the end of April and early May (in the south can also be advanced), according to the variety of branches in the fine sand soil seedbed, when the humidity is moderate, about 10 days germination(plastic starter pots). About 10 days later, the cotyledons are fully open.(cheap black 65 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)

Potted large-flowered petunias can also make it not climb the vines, and develop dwarf clusters and rich plant types(plastic tray for hydroponics). When the true leaves have just sprouted, scientifically planting morning glory must be potted. The roots of morning glory develop the necessary temperature. According to Japanese researchers, it is better to use black pots to absorb heat than red pots(5 gallon plastic planters). The fertilizer used is similar to the topdressing used for chrysanthemum.

(cheap black 65 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)After the flower has been opened(large plastic flower pots cheap), the residual flower should be removed and not made into a seed, so as not to affect the nutrition of the next batch of flowers. Of course, after three or four batches of flowers have been opened, it is difficult to control the axillary buds. Be careful not to contaminate the leaves (including cotyledons) with fertilizer and mud to prevent the leaves from falling out(big black plant pots). If there is a variant, it should be added to stay. 

It should be transplanted into small pots, prematurely weakened, too late to hurt the roots, all suffocating in later development(65 gallon fabric pots). After the seedlings in the small pot grow two or three true leaves, the root system has been developed, and it can be planted in the middle pot, and the base fertilizer is added in advance(plastic plant pots cape town). As Mr. Mei said, the morning glory is not afraid of heavy fertilizer, and can use the horseshoe and cooked slag as the base fertilizer.

In this way, it is necessary to turn the basin to make the sun shine evenly and make the root system develop(small plastic flower pots bulk). After the true leaves of the morning glory grow three or four pieces, they should be removed at this time. After the first picking of the heart, the leaves are stalked again(sowing tray). After the leaves are three or four leaves, they are topped again and combined with plastic surgery. Each time after the topping, the topdressing should be applied.(cheap black 65 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)

Ideally, the first leaves of the vines are axillary buds, and the leaves of the second and third leaves are flower buds(growing flats). After the flower buds are formed, the stipules of the flower buds can be removed to facilitate the development of the flower buds. In order to fully supply the flower buds and to provide large and beautiful flowers(wholesale plant pots), it is also possible to remove some flower buds and cultivate unique flowers, just like cultivating a variety of chrysanthemums.

(cheap black 65 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)The general variety can be planted in the ground, and the fine varieties are ready to be kept(5 gallon pot). Good varieties must be kept in good seed, and they should be kept in the classification after the autumn mature. After the selection of the mother and the male parent, the morning glory of the morning glory was cut off at the upper end of the flowering day before the flowering(15 gallon plant pot), and then the stamens were removed and wrapped in a wax paper bag.

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