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Cheap Black 7 Gallon Plant Pot Wholesale California

Many office workers like to put cactus on their desks. First, the vitality of cactus is tenacious and well cultivated(plastic nursery pots). Second, cactus can beautify the office environment. As far as geomantic omen is concerned, cactus also has its unique role. Cactus is a prickly plant. The placement of cactus in geomantic omen is particular(6 cell seed trays). In geomancy, the role of cactus is a plant with evil spirit, not too close to the body, otherwise it will repel the aura.

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(cheap black 7 gallon plant pot wholesale california)If placed in the office, although it has the function of preventing petty people from being wrong and enhancing their resistance ability(plastic nursery pots wholesale), sometimes it will also cause a backlash to themselves; the bedroom is the place where the air field merges, so the cactus should not be placed in the bedroom most, otherwise, it is easy to have a quarrel between right and wrong, resulting in the air field exclusion(15 gallon nursery pots). In the field of geomantic omen, the role of cactus is also manifested in other aspects, such as: cactus can help stimulate stagnant, motionless qi, so that Qi can be activated.

In addition, putting the cactus in an area where there is insufficient energy can activate the orientation and make the room wider(black plastic nursery pots). In special circumstances, the cactus will produce unique energy to match the environmental conditions at that time. For example, near electrical equipment that emits radio radiation, cactus produces energy that counteracts static electricity(24 cell seed trays); in the air where toxins float, cactus has a purifying effect and can produce fresh air.

(cheap black 7 gallon plant pot wholesale california)When the cactus is placed in a special way, they will be an important source of Qi(seedling trays). For example, when placed according to the position of the Eight Diagrams, they can stimulate and activate the eight desires of life. In traditional geomantic omen, cactus is considered as an auspicious plant, although it is a well-nourished plant. In the application of geomantic omen, cactus has the effect of augmenting and eliminating evil spirits(fabric grow bags). Cactus has strong vitality and unexpected benefits in the geomancy of home.

It is green, conducive to health, represents safety and security(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and helps the stability of heart beating: from the perspective of modern science, cactus, cactus, these plants can absorb carbon dioxide at night, can purify the air. Moreover, cactus and cactus can absorb radiation, prevent cancer, and can be placed beside the computer(best perlite). In addition, putting a basin on the windowsill can not only purify the air, but also prevent thieves.(cheap black 7 gallon plant pot wholesale california)

For example, according to the fortune of the Chinese zodiac(wholesale plant pots), if you put a celestial ball or some plant on it, you will be able to transfer money and increase work efficiency and income, so your money will not come. Why not? In the traditional geomancy of our country, the celestial ball is easy to breed and plays a great role, so it is regarded as an auspicious planting. In the application of geomantic omen(112 cell plug trays), the cactus tends to have a good effect, and its tenacious vitality has a positive and upward passion in the geomantic omen.

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