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Basil's farming method is simple and adaptable. It can be planted on a large scale or potted for viewing(flat plastic tray). This is probably a question that many flower friends need to know. How does Basil breed? Let's look at Basil's breeding methods. The most common breeding methods used by flower friends are sowing and cutting. For flowering potted farmers, cutting is one of the better choices(black plastic plant pots). It has lower requirements for facilities and technology, and it is easier to maintain and manage.

(cheap black fabric bag manufacturer)Then sowing and breeding need to find high-quality seeds, but can breed a large number of basil at a time(square nursery pots). However, it can also be cut, and the cutting effect on the mother plant is small, and it is easier to maintain, but you must pay attention to the technique when selecting the cuttings. Be sure to choose the branches from the basil plants that have not been flowered, so the cutting time is usually selected before the flowering period(gallon nursery pots), that is, before July, preferably in the spring.

Keep only the top 2 leaves, then put them in a cool place and wait for the cuts to dry naturally(plastic grow pots). Do not expose the branches to the sun, otherwise it will easily lead to the leaves falling off, which may affect the cutting survival rate. Insert the cuttings into the prepared potting soil, watering needs to be poured, and then placed in a brightly passing place, no need to re-water and fertilize(gallon plant pot). If the soil is dry, water can be sprayed properly, usually rooting after 3-4 weeks.(cheap black fabric bag manufacturer)

Making the cuttings is the same as inserting the soil(seed starter trays), but the cuttings will be inserted into the water and the maintenance management will be slightly different. When water is inserted, it takes 3-4 days to change the water once. After rooting, the water is changed every day. After rooting, it can be transplanted into the potting soil. Because the proper temperature is needed after sowing to ensure rooting, the time is usually from March to May(cell trays). The temperature in the south rises quickly, the time is usually in March-April, while the north needs to wait until April-May to start planting.

How does basil multiply when sowing? First choose good seeds and germination(greenhouse supplies pots). And the control temperature is 25 degrees. When the seed grows small buds, it indicates that the germination is successful. At this time, the temperature can be guaranteed at about 22 degrees. The seeds that have been germinated are planted into the prepared nutrient soil, and poured with warm water(plug trays). After that, the plastic film is covered with a plastic film for heat preservation and moisturization, and the light and temperature are controlled, and then transplanted after seedling cultivation.

(cheap black fabric bag manufacturer)If it does not dry, its wounds may be infected with germs(wholesale greenhouse pots). It will cause it to grow poorly and become less beautiful. When changing the basin, you need to trim its roots once. Cut off the roots that are not growing well. This prevents them from wasting nutrients in the plant and slowing it down(propagation tray). After trimming, it needs to be placed in a well ventilated, semi-shade and glare-free position.

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