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Cheap Black Gallon Fabric Bags Wholesale Price

Moisture is very important for potted plants, especially for plants with poor drought tolerance(gallon nursery pots). Timely hydration is an important guarantee for plants to maintain normal growth. This is the case with Gypsophila. Because it is not drought-tolerant, timely and proper hydration is especially important for its growth(square nursery pots). Then, how long does the potted rice have been poured with water? How to water it? Today, Xiaobian will share the watering method of the stars.

(cheap black gallon fabric bags wholesale price)When the starry seedling grows to a height of about 30 cm(wholesale nursery pots), it is usually necessary to control the watering in time after the upper pot is planted, especially in the bud stage, and it is generally necessary to keep the pot soil slightly dry after entering the flowering period. Gypsophila itself has poor drought tolerance, especially in the growing season, which consumes a lot of water(seed starter trays). If there is frequent water shortage during the period, the plants will have various growth defects such as yellowing and wilting.

Gypsophila can be used for spring sowing and autumn sowing(wholesale greenhouse pots), but the frequency of watering should be reduced due to low temperature in autumn sowing. If you take seedlings, you usually pour water once every 1-2 days, and you can keep it for 2-3 days after successful planting. Pour water once(cell trays). However, in this stage of watering and hydration work must avoid too much, because autumn is often the active season of mosquitoes, it is easy to attract mosquitoes. Even if no mosquitoes are recruited, it may cause rotten roots.

(cheap black gallon fabric bags wholesale price)It is possible to keep water on the Gypsophila every 3-5 days(gallon plant pot), especially during the growth period, and it is better to increase the watering intensity to keep the soil in a wet state. But at the same time, it should be noted that no matter which stage of watering can not be excessive, otherwise it will easily cause too much moisture or water accumulation in the basin, and there will also be rotten roots(greenhouse supplies pots). Moreover, the method of watering the Gypsophila in the seedling stage must be scientific.

Because the stems of the Gypsophila in the seedling stage grow slender and tender(plastic grow pots), if the seedlings are directly watered, it is easy to break the seedlings, even if there is no breakage, it is easy to cause the lodging to occur, which is for the growth of the seedlings. It is very unfavorable. Compared with many other flower plants, the supply of water to the stars is relatively large(plug trays). After the topping, the water and fertilizer should be replenished in time to promote the germination of a large number of side branches.(cheap black gallon fabric bags wholesale price)

After entering the rainy season, the rain is more abundant(propagation tray), and the potted star that is placed in the outdoor maintenance can not be watered, and the drainage work should be done to avoid the accumulation of water in the basin due to rain. However, as a family potted plant, the starry sky is usually placed indoors for maintenance. Therefore, it is also necessary to water the water, but the seedlings have reduced the consumption of water after the germination period and the growth period(flat plastic tray), and the watering needs to be properly controlled.

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