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Cheap Black Nutrition Bowls Wholesale Suppliers UAE

Green beans are a common vegetable in people's lives and can be grown all over the country(10.5cm plastic grow pots). After drying, it is especially fragrant, and many people like it. The green beans are the leguminous crops that are continuously flowering and pod-forming. The demand for nutrients is large. Farmers should also prevent it from appearing in the process of planting green beans(plastic nursery pots). The following is a brief introduction to the high yield of green beans. Planting techniques and pest control, let's take a look.(cheap black nutrition bowls wholesale suppliers uae)

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However, when the green beans are planted, they choose spring or autumn(100mm plastic grow pots). They like a warm and humid environment. The temperature in winter is too low. It is not suitable for the soy bean sprouting when the summer temperature is too high. Especially in the spring and autumn temperatures in the south is more suitable, so choose this time to plant. Green beans like a warm environment, there is no cold resistance(plug trays wholesale), it is best to be about ten to twenty degrees, and the high temperature can not exceed forty degrees.

(cheap black nutrition bowls wholesale suppliers uae)Especially in the seedling stage of the growth of green beans, it is very important(12cm plastic grow pots). If the temperature is too high, it will directly affect the growth of green beans, and even cause the dryness of the green beans. Be sure to choose high-quality, high-yield green bean seeds. It is best to choose high-quality seeds that have been planted or produced by others(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, after two days, put it in the water, pay attention to flipping and stirring, so that the seeds can germinate quickly.

Finally, under the soaking of room temperature water(110mm plastic grow pots), the seeds can be evenly sown in the soil, so be careful to maintain a proper line spacing, so that the green beans have better planting space. Put a layer of fertilizer before planting the green beans, and then cover the soil. After sowing, the green beans will germinate quickly, and fertilization is also needed during the growth process(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The demand for fertilizers is high during the flowering period. It is potassium fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer.

(cheap black nutrition bowls wholesale suppliers uae)Then let's analyze the situation of watering and not watering after changing the basin(11cm plastic grow pots): Tiger Piran's requirements for water are also quite high. After the basin, in fact, many green beans should pay attention to whether their branches and leaves are in the process of growth. Yellow or withered, also pay attention to the presence of eggs on the leaves. Prevent the spread of pests and diseases in advance(black plastic nursery pots). If the yellowed leaves are found, they should be removed in time to avoid more healthy plants.

Toon is better to eat than steamed bread. Many people love to eat. When the toon grows to more than 6 leaves, it must be trimmed(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). When the weather is fine, cut the old leaves to prevent consumption of nutrients. When two true leaves are grown, the first cultivating and weeding according to the topdressing and soil management will ensure that the weeds will compete for nutrients during the growth stage, which will affect the yield of the citron(wholesale nursery pots). It is necessary to chase the fertilizer for the second time.

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