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Cheap Black One Gallon Planter Pots In Bulk

Generally, about 12 days, camphor is one of the common wild vegetables(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It can also be called camphor bud, fragrant pile head, red eucalyptus, glutinous rice, etc. It is very rich in nutrition and has therapeutic effects. What is the prospect of camphor planting? How should the camphor seed sprouts and seedlings be planted(2 gallon pots manufacturer)?

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(cheap black one gallon planter pots in bulk)The seeds of the red oil carp are used, and the seeds have high germination rate and good quality(wholesale nursery pots). First, the seeds are soaked in the water for 5 hours, then immersed in 1001% potassium permanganate for 15 minutes for disinfection, then continue to soak with water and clean with 20 degrees warm water. It treats external cold, rheumatism, stomach pain, Dysentery, etc.

When the camphor seeds absorb water for expansion, control the moisture, and put the seeds in a container with three layers of clean wet cloth to carry out germination(2 gallon plant pots supplier). It is necessary to pay attention to avoid light. The seeding amount per plate is 150g, and after covering, it covers 1.5cm thick perlite, and then it is sprayed with 20-25 degrees warm water and placed on the cultivation shelf. 

A layer of paper or gauze is laid in the disinfected seedling tray, followed by 2.5 cm thick perlite, and the seeds are spread on top(black plastic nursery pots). After sowing, spray twice a day with warm water of about 20 degrees to keep the air humidity at 80%(7 gallon pots manufacturer). At the same time, avoid excessive water holding capacity or water in the tray.(cheap black one gallon planter pots in bulk)

On sunny days, use a shade net to shade(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). According to the seedling color of the seedlings, the trays are top, bottom, left and right, 1-2 days after the tray, 10 cm in length, and the leaves are harvested when the leaves are exposed. Seedling: Choose a fertile and loose nursery. The camphor is very popular in the city, and the price in the supermarket is relatively high, the price is 30 yuan a catty.

Open a 20cm row of trenches in the seedbed(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The depth of the ditch is 2-4cm and the width is 6-8cm. Then the seeds are evenly spread into the ditch, and the soil and plastic film are covered after sowing. After about 7 days, the seeds can be sown after being exposed. The growth period of the sprouting new shoots and the topdressing and watering after topdressing. 

(cheap black one gallon planter pots in bulk)Then, control the reasonable temperature, regularly weed the field, and strengthen the management of fertilizer and water(plastic nursery pots). Planting period: after deciduous winter, before germination in early spring. Planting amount: 3000 plants per acre are planted, green manure can be planted between rows, and then turned into fertilizer. 

Winter warm greenhouse with seedlings, when the temperature is transplanted at 3-5 degrees, 6,000 plants per acre, and need to be watered after planting(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). The best harvesting period: when the axillary bud grows to 15-20cm, it will be harvested in time. Spray the seedlings with 0.01% gibberellin to increase the growth rate of the citron. Before sowing: Fertilization and watering should be sufficient. 

During the germination period, it should be washed with warm water of about 20 degrees every day(plug trays wholesale). After harvesting two or three times, it is necessary to carry out dwarf treatment to avoid the growth of the camphor too fast. The specific operation is 15% paclobutrazol 200-400 times liquid, spray once every 15 days, and spray two or three times continuously(1 gallon pots manufacturer).

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