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The watering of potted pepper is different from the watering of other potted flowers(plastic nursery pots). Watering should be controlled during winter dormancy to prevent the basin soil from being too dry. The lower the temperature, the more the basin should remain dry. Adult big balls are more resistant to dryness than seedlings. Watering in winter should be done on a sunny morning. As the temperature increases, the plant dormancy gradually decreases, and the number of watering and the amount of watering can be gradually increased(heavy duty plant pots). In the hot rainy season, watering should be properly controlled.

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(cheap black plant pots wholesale supplier)For some thorn pears with a concave top, be careful not to pour water into the grooves when watering, to avoid rot(plastic nursery pots wholesale), especially when watering at night. Do not spray water on the ball at noon in the summer to avoid daily burns. Many family flower lovers use thick wire and plastic film to make closed shacks on windowsills or balconies(heavy duty gallon pot). It helps to improve and increase the temperature and air humidity of small cabinets. The fairy ball can be placed on a small raft.

It plays an important role in promoting the growth of Prickly Pear(black plastic nursery pots). Potted pepper pears can also be fertilized properly during the growing season. Especially for the thorn pear grafted with three shuttles, it is necessary to pay attention to fertilization. A fully decomposed thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once every ten or half months. Do not fertilize in winter. When the thorn pear keeps the potted soil dry during the winter(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), it can be safely wintered by maintaining the indoor temperature of 4-7 °C. In winter, if the room temperature reaches 18 to 20 ° C or higher.

(cheap black plant pots wholesale supplier)Then the pear can grow normally without sleeping(plug trays wholesale). In addition to the appropriate shadows in the summer, you should also pay attention to the well-ventilated thorny pears that are placed in unventilated corners for long periods of time. Red spiders are easily damaged by red spiders when dry and hot. The surface of the damaged sphere is yellowish brown and the ornamental value is completely lost. Except that the insecticide was sprayed on the thorn pear damaged by the red spider(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), only the growth point at the top of the ball was completely removed, so the other grew out of the ball and used as a breeding mother.

However, the most common are the first two(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The seeding method is suitable for large-scale breeding and cultivation of new varieties, and is rarely used in family culture. The cutting method is the simplest. During the growing season, the ball is cut from the mother plant and inserted into the flat sand after a few days of drying. After the insertion, do not spray water, only spray water mist(40 cell plug tray wholesale), make the sand slightly moist, and it will be normal after rooting. Watering. Grafting is one of the more popular breeding methods currently used to promote growth and flowering.(cheap black plant pots wholesale supplier)

The breeding methods of thorn pears are cutting, grafting and sowing(wholesale nursery pots). When the temperature reaches 18~25°C, the grafting time is most suitable for sunny days. In the growing season, in addition to the hot and humid rainy season, the incision is susceptible to infection and rot, but is not suitable for grafting. Grafting rootstocks usually use three-sided arrows (that is, dawn or 80,000 flowers) because they have a strong affinity with most of the prickly pear grafts(40 cell propagation trays wholesale); they also use the short-haired ball and the flower ball (Beijing common name "grass ball") to graft the stars. Also very good.

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