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White orchids prefer acidic soils. There are two places to be concerned about the choice of potting soil(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). One is because white orchid is a fleshy root, which is more suitable for a soil with good permeability. The second is because white orchid is a southern flower and likes acidic soil. However, the soil in the north is alkaline(plastic nursery pots). When preparing the cultivated soil, a suitable amount of ferrous sulfate or sulfur powder should be mixed to reduce the alkalinity of the soil. Watering is essential in raising white orchids in the north.

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(cheap black planting trays wholesale suppliers panama)The essence of white orchids in the humid environment is that the air humidity is high but the soil water content cannot be too high(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). The water in the north is alkaline, and it is easy to make the soil alkalized by long-term use. Therefore, it is best to use rainwater, snow water or ferrous sulfate. However, rainwater and snowwater are not easy to retain. Usually, tap water is poured, and ferrous sulfate water is poured once every 10 days or so, and the plants are not yellowed(plastic nursery pots wholesale). White orchids are not strict with light, but too strong or insufficient light is not conducive to plant growth.

Excessive light and easy to burn the leaves(2 gallon nursery pots supplier), it is not easy to form flower buds when there is insufficient light, even if there are flowers. After the spring, Mid-Autumn Festival and winter, it should be placed in a sunny place to receive light. In the summer and early autumn, it should be placed in the semi-shade, obscuring 50% of the light, so that it can receive the sunlight before 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm, so as not to accept the strong light at noon(black plastic nursery pots). White orchids are fleshy roots, and the water in the pots is not conducive to the growth of roots.(cheap black planting trays wholesale suppliers panama)

Especially afraid of stagnant water, it is easy to cause the roots to black and rot(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). In the rainy season, the basin should be turned downside, pay attention to flood control; if the yellow leaves or leaves caused by rotten roots are red, the watering should be strictly controlled, and even the leaves should be softly suspended. When pouring again, the water to be poured should be stored first to make it compatible with the temperature. Common diseases of white orchids include anthracnose, leaf spot, and yellow disease. The main pests are red spiders, scale insects, and aphids(plug trays wholesale). In daily maintenance, in addition to strengthening water and fertilizer management and improving plant disease resistance, ventilation should also be noted.

If pests occur, the number can be manually removed when the number is small(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). When the amount is large, 40% dicofol can be sprayed with 1000 times solution to kill the spider mites, and 40% omethoate emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times can be used to spray the scale insects and aphids. The yellowing disease can be controlled by foliar spraying with 1:800 ferrous sulfate water. The method of breeding daffodils has the following points: The selection of the bulbs should be exquisite(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), mainly paying attention to the three main points of shape, color and compression.(cheap black planting trays wholesale suppliers panama)

Narcissus is sunny, warm, requires high humidity(7 gallon nursery pots supplier), is not cold-resistant, and is afraid of hot, sandy soil that needs to be moist and does not accumulate water during the nutrient growth period. Narcissus also has the characteristics of beginning to grow in autumn, flowering in winter, storing nutrients in spring, and dormancy in summer. The hydroponic method or the soil culture method is correctly selected to cultivate the narcissus(wholesale nursery pots). Prevention of "dumb flowers", that is, in the process of water culture, the narcissus is broken in the middle, the flower buds are withered or the flower buds are not premature.

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