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Among the breeding methods of osmanthus fragrans(planting trays), cutting propagation is a more common method, and the survival rate is relatively high. However, although the method is simple, the survival rate is not low at all. The premise is that you have to master the correct operation method(2 gallon pots). Generally, watering should not be too frequent to avoid frostbite plants. 

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(cheap black plastic 4 gallon pots wholesale)Then, as long as you keep watering, you only need to keep the principle of “not to dry, not pouring, pouring and pouring”(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Please see below for details of watering. Spring is the initial season of the year. The humidity in this season is high. The watering amount is not too much. One thing to keep in mind is that it must not cause water to accumulate and pour through. 

The proper regular watering can be done. The frequency is watered once in 4-5 days. Of course, this is only normal(3 gallon pots). Because there is more rain in the spring, the specific frequency depends on the situation. At this time, we generally need to raise the osmanthus flowers indoors. What is the cutting method of the four seasons osmanthus? Let's take a look at the following small series.

Therefore, the frequency of watering the osmanthus flowers in the summer is higher(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and it is necessary to water the water every day. However, it is best to water the time in the evening, remember not to water the water when the noon temperature is too high. In the process of cutting osmanthus flowers, it is also an important step to select cuttings, but want to cut flowers successfully.

In the autumn, because the temperature begins to drop, watering the osmanthus must reduce the amount of watering(1 gallon pot). Too much watering often leads to the buds of the four seasons, affecting the flowering. Generally, we can water it once every 3-4 days. Yes. Summer is a hot season, the temperature is high, and the water in the plants will also evaporate. faster. Pest problems.

(cheap black plastic 4 gallon pots wholesale)Summary: When watering, we should choose to start to rise at noon temperature(plastic nursery pots), because the water temperature and climate are similar at this time, can avoid the frost damage of the osmanthus. If too much water is poured, it will easily lead to the decay of the roots of the osmanthus(5 gallon plant pot), and it is easy to dye some osmanthus flowers.

Therefore, winter is the lowest temperature in a year(wholesale nursery pots). Summary: Then after reading the above, how to water the four seasons osmanthus I believe that everyone has a certain understanding, the small watering method of the four seasons of osmanthus is introduced here(7 gallon pot), and I hope that this article can bring some help to everyone's maintenance process.

(cheap black plastic 4 gallon pots wholesale)When watering the osmanthus flowers, especially the watering, what is the watering method of the osmanthus flowers(black plastic nursery pots), what should I pay attention to? The following small series bring everyone to understand. There is no fixed frequency about how to water the four seasons osmanthus. The amount of watering varies according to the climate(15 gallon pot).

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