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It should be kept hydrated during its growth period, and it should not be watered again during the dormant period(bulk 4 gallon pots) . Keep the temperature suitable and directly water the potting soil. Only in this way will it not affect the aesthetics of the thorn; in the summer, you need to sprinkle water on the ground to increase the humidity of the air. Fertilization should be appropriate and timely, but also to see the object, should be carried out in the Spring and Autumn, once every three weeks(wholesale nursery pots). Sunlight should be sufficient, especially in the winter, and the epiphytic cactus requires semi-yin conditions throughout the year.

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(cheap black plastic 72 cell trays wholesale suppliers sa)The growth temperature should be suitable, and 20-35 ° C is most suitable(1 gallon plant pots distributor). At this time, the sunshade should be used to achieve the purpose of lowering the temperature. Good air ventilation is also a very important factor to keep the air fresh. The problem of pests and diseases that harm cactus is not serious. As long as it can be cultivated properly, it is well managed, and it is easy to obtain good results by eliminating pests and diseases. Avoid excessive moisture(black plastic nursery pots). The second is to pay attention to the preparation, cultivation and disinfection of the cultivated soil.

The samples were analyzed to determine the air pollution index in the enclosed space(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . Harmful radiation: There is also a special source of pollution that is not composed of chemical elements, that is, electromagnetic waves. In 1991, Canada made a decision to take rectification measures in accordance with the research results of Bill Wolfton in reducing internal air pollution. In 1993, the French government announced the establishment of an indoor air quality monitoring station(plug trays wholesale). This organization is made up of professionals in architecture and public health who are responsible for extracting indoor air.

(cheap black plastic 72 cell trays wholesale suppliers sa)Subsequently, France’s 1901 Act created the “Air Clean Plant Association”(2 gallon plant pots distributor), which aims to encourage the cultivation of plants in daily life and work, to make plants play a decisive role in environmental quality, and to promote the role of plants in pollution. The Clean Plants Association has launched a research project on root plants(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), which is completed by practitioners from the health, environmental protection, building and horticulture industries.

The project was jointly initiated by the Building Science and Technology Center, the Lille Pharmaceutical Research Institute(bulk 2 gallon containers), the Energy Management and Environmental Protection Office, and the research institutions in the Loire and North Calais regions. The original plan was officially completed in 2007(plastic nursery pots wholesale). What is the conclusion of the study? That is, no matter what plant, all its components - leaves, stems, humus, micro-organisms have the effect of accelerating the removal of pollution, but the whole plant is more effective.

(cheap black plastic 72 cell trays wholesale suppliers sa)If it is rainy or the temperature suddenly drops, stop watering(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). Impatient, it will become very patient, this is the magic of succulents. There are two points in changing the basin. The first point is to pay attention to the time of changing the basin. Spring is 3-4 months, and autumn is September to October. It likes the looser and more organic soil, and it is better to give it a slightly acidic soil(plastic nursery pots). It is better to use alkaline soil, which will affect its normal growth and cause the plant to be unable to grow. unfavorable.

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