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Cheap Black Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers USA

Do not pour the medicine first and then add water(plastic grow pots), so that the medicine is easy to deposit on the suction pipe of the sprayer, which can make the concentration of the first sprayed liquid high, which is easy to cause drug damage. Do not pour the medicine into a sprayer containing a large amount of water at one time(plant start trays wholesale). Wet irrigation afterwards, wet and dry alternate.

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The mu is 50 to 60 kilograms of water, and the conventional spraying amount of herbicides for stem and leaf treatment can be appropriately reduced(flat plastic tray). The acre water is generally 30 to 45 kilograms. The herbicide is best to use a special sprayer(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). If there is no special equipment, you must soak it with lime or stone sulfur mixture for more than 48 hours after spraying, and then rinse it with water before spraying other crops.

(cheap black plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)When the situation is insufficient, the water quantity should be appropriately increased medicine(propagation tray). The preparation of concoctions of convolvulus per acre must adopt the second dilution method. This way, the wettable powder often floats on the water surface or forms small pieces(6 cell propagation trays wholesale), and the distribution is uneven, which not only can not guarantee the effect, but also easily block the spray holes during spraying.

The spraying amount of the herbicide for soil treatment should be appropriately higher(plug trays). The borax is dissolved in warm water and diluted with water. The tincture solution must be prepared with clean water, and the dosage depends on the specific situation. The mixed use of herbicides must be selected flexibly according to the characteristics of the herbicides(8 cell propagation trays wholesale), weed occurrence characteristics, and crop growth stages.(cheap black plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)

The moisturizing period was mainly wet, and the wax maturity period was mainly dry(gallon nursery pots). Among them, water regulation is critical for water regulation during the heading and flowering stage of rice. Spray the rice plant stems and leaves with 100 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.5 to 1 kg of urea, 15 to 20 ml of 802 and 50 kg of water each time(cell seed trays). When preparing a borax solution, first dissolve the borax with a small amount of warm water.

(cheap black plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)Fields with insufficient base fertilizer and earlier denitrification and yellowing of leaves, applied 2.5 to 4 kg of urea per acre before heading to promote flower bud differentiation and prevent flower flower degradation(gallon plant pot). The tip of the leaf was pale green at the same time, and some small blemishes appeared in the white stripes at the same time(nursery plant pots). Later, the dry tissue was connected into strips, and the leaves were longitudinally split.

Proper deep irrigation should be adopted to promote pollination of normal panicles and normal flowering(seed starting trays). After heading, the root system of the plant gradually senescence. Otherwise, the soil ventilation opportunities should be increased under the condition of ensuring water supply(black plastic plant pots). There is a certain water layer in the field from heading to the beginning of pollination to meet the plant's water demand, and then dilute with water. 

Spraying boron fertilizer in the flowering and fruiting stage has ample supply of boron to increase seed setting rate and increase thousand-grain weight(square grow pots). Boron-deficient field blocks were applied with boron fertilizer once at the beginning and full ear stages, and were sprayed with 100 g of borax or 100 g of photosynthetic micro-fertilizer and 50 kg of water per mu(seed starter trays). The leaves are soft and drooping to avoid blind mixing of herbicides.(cheap black plastic flower pots manufacturers usa)

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