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Cheap Black Plastic Gallon Nursery Pots Suppliers Ireland

Crab claw orchid generally blossoms during winter festivals(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Its flowers are delicate and graceful, bright and beautiful, especially loved and sought after by Chinese people. It has gradually become an excellent indoor potted flower in mid-winter in recent years. Cutting, grafting and sowing are the main reproductive methods of Cymbidium crabsonii. The most commonly used method for propagation of Cymbidium crabsonii is forward insertion(plastic nursery pots). The method is very simple, that is, to take a few pieces of paper before insertion, the survival rate is very high.

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(cheap black plastic gallon nursery pots suppliers ireland)Following is a brief introduction of three reproductive methods: cutting propagation: selecting strong and thick stem nodes(wholesale nursery pots), cutting 1-2 nodes, putting them in shade for 2-3 days, then inserting into sand bed after slightly drying the incision, the base is 4:1 peat and sand, the temperature of the bed is 15-20 C. Cutting propagation, cutting is generally in spring, first take a full-grown metamorphic stem, cut off the stem nodes(15 cell propagation trays wholesale), put in a cool place for 1-2 days, slightly dry incision into the sand bed.

Grafting reproduction: usually in May to June and September to October(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), rootstocks used Tianchi, Tiger thorn, large pot cultivation of the choice of pear cactus. The humidity of the insertion bed should not be too high to prevent the incision from being too wet and rotten. The scion should select the strong stem nodes of the year. It should be 2-3 stem nodes. The lower end should be cut into duck-billed shape. It should be joined with the wedge of rootstock and fixed with long thorns of cactus or sterile toothpicks(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, a rootstock can be grafted with three scions. After grafting, the rootstock can be maintained in half shade to maintain high air humidity.

(cheap black plastic gallon nursery pots suppliers ireland)Rooting began 2-3 weeks after planting and potted after 4 weeks(plug trays wholesale). If the scions remain fresh and stiff within 10 days after grafting, they have healed and survived, and need careful maintenance. The surviving plants can be transferred to normal management after 1 month. Grafting is generally best in spring and autumn, because the temperature is suitable and the survival rate is high. When grafting(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), we should choose strong and thick plants about 30 centimeters high as rootstocks, cut the top 10 centimeters, and cut into wedge-shaped openings, and then scion the full crab claw orchid (take 3-5 knots as appropriate).

Grafted crab claw orchids grow vigorously and have higher ornamental value(black plastic nursery pots). Cut the lower end into a duck-billed shape, insert wedge-shaped cracks immediately after cutting, and insert into the woody part deep to the center of the rootstock is more appropriate. After grafting, put it in the shade, pay attention to maintaining a higher air humidity, so that after 10 days, if the scion remains stiff and bright green, it proves that the grafting is successful, so that a wire ring frame can be set up after one month(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). The scions were evenly put on the shelves and gradually placed in the sunny place for normal management.

(cheap black plastic gallon nursery pots suppliers ireland)Sowing and propagation: The seeds of Cymbidium crabsonii need higher temperature to germinate(plastic nursery pots wholesale), usually by indoor pot sowing. The crab claw orchid needs artificial pollination before it can bear fruit. Indoor pot sowing is often used with suitable germination temperature of 22-24 C. The sowing medium is mixed soil of peat, rotten leaf soil and coarse sand, which needs high temperature disinfection before sowing. After the seeds are sown, the pot mouth is covered with glass to keep the soil humidity in the pot. Germinate 5-9 days after sowing(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The seedlings grow slowly and should be carefully managed.

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