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Cheap Black Plastic Gallon Pots Wholesale Suppliers USA

Before changing the pot for a big fortune tree(black plastic nursery pots), it is necessary to shovel the soil around it with a shovel, so that the soil around it is in a relatively loose state. Then fix the pot, hold its trunk in two hands and pull it out of the pot. Don't drag it too fast, or it will probably hurt its roots(seed starting trays wholesale). After taking off the pot, put it horizontally on the ground, and touch the flower soil at the bottom of it with your hand, and get the flower soil on the outside.

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(cheap black plastic gallon pots wholesale suppliers usa)Then, prepare a pair of scissors and cut off the badly aged or black and rotten roots(plug trays wholesale). After cutting, you need to put it in the disinfectant and soak it for about 30 minutes. Wash the pot with water and dry it in a ventilated place. Then, some new flower soils were made from rotten leaf soil, vegetable garden soil and river sand(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). And lay a layer on the bottom of the pot. After that, the plant was put into a pot and added to the remaining flower soil, so that all its roots did not go into the soil.

Finally, put it in a warm place and wait for it to adapt to the new environment(plastic nursery pots). Rich trees need to be watered once after they change soil. This is because the selected new soil needs insolation and disinfection, resulting in no internal moisture. After watering, it can make it moist, and it can also make the soil and roots more closely adhere to each other. At the same time, if the seedling is not watered for a long time, a little water is still needed in the matrix to prevent the plant from drying up(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The time for changing soil for the wealthy trees is usually in spring.

(cheap black plastic gallon pots wholesale suppliers usa)At this time, the temperature is more appropriate(plastic nursery pots wholesale), so that it can quickly resume growth after changing pots, and will not waste too much nutrients. The main reason for the change of soil for the wealthy trees is the decline of soil quality. On the one hand, the hardening caused by long-term watering, on the other hand, the lack of fertility. The ratio of garden soil, river sand and sawdust to pot soil is about 3:1:1(plastic cell trays supplier). Soybean cake or animal manure are added to potted soil to improve soil fertility. Don't rush to plant a fortune tree after it has been removed from pots.

Instead, check to see if the roots are rotten, and cut out the old roots and rotten roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). This can avoid breeding bacteria and reduce the waste of nutrients. After cutting off the rotten roots, you can plant them. Spread a little carbendazim on the bottom before planting, which can effectively disinfect. Put the plant in a pot, do not hurt the root when filling, compact and water after filling(200 cell seed trays wholesale). Reduced radish seedlings can be mixed with cold vegetables, add seasonings according to their own taste, appetizing and nutritious.(cheap black plastic gallon pots wholesale suppliers usa)

The potted production of longevity flower usually cuts rootless cuttings directly into the pot which it will eventually plant(wholesale nursery pots), and longevity flower is no exception. Its culture medium and cutting medium are the same, mixing peat and perlite in a ratio of 7:3, and adjusting the pH value of the medium to 5.5-6.0. Producers can adjust the proportion according to the water quality, variety and season, or add vermiculite(sureroot plug trays bulk), sand and other soilless substrates to form a well drained and moderately nutrient-containing substrates.

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