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Happiness tree belongs to the bean tree, it can absorb harmful substances in the air, and can provide green for family and office environment, which is loved by people(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). How to water happiness tree? How often? Happiness tree is a kind of tree species that likes to wet environment. Its growth needs sufficient water, so watering is a very important thing(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The amount of water required in different seasons is also different, so pay attention to watering.

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Happiness tree likes water, once a week, and more sun(sureroot plug trays bulk). First of all, when watering in high temperature in summer, we should pay attention to the supply of water and water more to ensure that the soil is not dry and wet. In addition, in high temperature weather, we should often spray water on the tree, at least three times a day(6.3inch plastic plant pots), to ensure the water requirements of happy tree and promote the growth of happy tree, but do not water in the soil.

(cheap black plastic garden pots manufacturer)The happy tree is watered and maintained in winter(large plastic terracotta pots). Because of the low temperature in winter, the happy tree is also maintained indoors, and the happy tree will also be dormant due to the low temperature in winter. Therefore, do not water too much during the dormancy period(6.5inch plastic plant pots). Happiness tree needs to be watered frequently, but we should also pay attention to the following questions: how to water happiness tree in winter?

First of all, pay attention to the number of times of watering(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Although it is dry and hot in summer, happy tree should be watered often, but also pay attention to the number of times of watering. In summer, water twice a day or so, the first time after noon, and another time in the evening(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Therefore, do not carry out too many times every day, and do not water too frequently, or it will cause rotten roots and plant death.

How often do you water the potted happiness tree(gallon pot)? Secondly, water once every two to three days in winter, only half a pot, and also use warm water for watering and spraying. As the indoor temperature is generally lower than 10 ℃, the plant enters into a dormant state, so it is not allowed to water too much, so as to avoid waterlogging and rotten roots(7.88inch plastic plant pots). But during this period, spray water three times to keep the plant moist.(cheap black plastic garden pots manufacturer)

Many flower friends water too often or use too hard basin soil, resulting in yellow leaves or leaves(plastic plant trays wholesale). In fact, the principle of watering happiness tree is not to dry or not to water. Notice that the surface of the pot soil is dry, and the sound of knocking on the pot is clear and crisp, so you can water it(9.06inch plastic plant pots). Generally, flowers are watered once in spring, summer and autumn, and once in winter, and then they should be watered thoroughly until the bottom of the pot runs.

Just water once after noon, but also spray the plant with warm water to prevent the plant from drying out and hindering growth(square grow pots). In a word, it is necessary to ensure a humid growth environment and to pay attention to flood prevention(2.5inch square nursery pots). The plant can be sprayed with slightly warm water every two to three days around noon in fine weather, so as to maintain its beautiful appearance and increase the environmental humidity.(cheap black plastic garden pots manufacturer)

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