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Happy tree has beautiful shape, small and green leaves, and whirling shadows(nursery plant pots). It is a very precious indoor ornamental plant. It is named after people's expectation of blessing, wealth and peace. Alias: capsicum tree, bony umbrella, mountain bean tree, kylin and Vladivostok, Ping'an tree (business name). At this time, because people believe that it can bring happiness(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), so many people can put it in front of their homes.

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Flower friends bought happiness trees in the flower market(seed starter trays). When they bought them, they all had green leaves, which made them feel good. But a few days later, they found that there were yellow leaves at the bottom, and there was a growing trend. Or when they came back, they changed basins, which was good at the beginning(plug trays wholesale). After a period of time, from the bottom, the leaves turned yellow and fell off, and the twigs fell off as soon as they touched them.(cheap black plastic growers pots manufacturer)

Generally including but not limited to the following reasons: if watering, the normal phenomenon of this situation can be cut off the yellow leaves directly without special maintenance(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If your happiness tree is just bought, it may be because there is no root in it(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The newly sawed one will be sold in the basin (this is easy for the flowers bought by mobile vendors). Deal with it according to the actual situation, return it or take a rest for it to sprout new roots.

Because of the sudden change of environment, the sudden change of temperature, humidity and light is too big(square nursery pots), or the leaves turn yellow when the pot is changed and the roots are damaged, so measures can be taken to reduce the change of environment, so that the happy tree can adapt. Happiness tree is the representative tree of Hawaii(plastic nursery pots wholesale). What was the cause of the yellow leaves? The frequency should not be fixed for a long time.(cheap black plastic growers pots manufacturer) 

Turn the basin to illuminate the sunlight in all directions, keep the humidity of the air moist, and promote the coordinated and good growth(plastic grow pots). It may be caused by too dark environment and insufficient light. Don't use water spray instead. Too much water, blocked or even rotten root respiration, affecting absorption(32 cell plug trays supplier), resulting in a large number of yellow leaves; pay attention to water, look at the topsoil, do not wait for the soil to dry before watering.

(cheap black plastic growers pots manufacturer)The poor ventilation in the room results in drying, and the tip of the leaves will turn yellow(black plastic plant pots). Increase indoor ventilation and ventilation, and increase indoor humidity with appropriate water spray. Give happiness trees plenty of sunshine, but avoid exposure to the sun(105 cell plug trays supplier). Whether the amount of fertilizer is too large, whether the organic fertilizer is rotten, etc. Water the basin soil to dilute the fertility, but pay attention not to water accumulation.

Some experiences of cultivating happiness tree: principle of watering: look at the surface soil, and then pour it through(greenhouse supplies pots)! The frequency should not be fixed for a long time! It is necessary to understand several major precautions of watering (brief introduction): do not wait for the soil to dry before watering(propagation tray). Do not water quantitatively. Do not water continuously in a short period of time. The frequency of watering should not be fixed for a long time.

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