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I think everyone will not be unfamiliar with this kind of flower(wholesale nursery pots). The flower friend who likes to listen to the song wants to know the song named directly by the flower of the night. The night scented flowers are small, but the flowers are very rich, so they are usually planted in the courtyard for viewing. The cultivation of the night scent is relatively simple(8 cell trays bulk). It can also be seen from the above-mentioned night cultivating method, planted in the courtyard. The airy place is still very good.(cheap black plastic nursery cup wholesale supplier)

The soil quality is not strict, and the clay loam is suitable(plastic nursery pots). The leaves are rolled up and the flower buds are shrunk and difficult to open. Here is a description of the farming methods and precautions for the night scent. The evening comes with a loose, well-drained, organic-rich, acidic soil. It is prepared by peat soil and humus soil and sand by 3:3:4 respectively. The bed soil thus prepared has the characteristics of improving bed temperature, water retention, aeration, fertility and acidity(18 cell trays bulk), and is suitable for rooting and germination of shoots.

In the evening, the potting soil is usually made up of 3 parts of peat soil or humus soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 2 parts of crude river mud and a small amount of farmyard manure. When the pot is planted, the bottom part is about 1/5 deep filled with broken bricks to facilitate drainage. The upper part is cultivated with well-equipped pots. Potted night primroses require well-ventilated environmental conditions(12 cell trays bulk). From the beginning of May to the end of September, it is advisable to keep the sun in the yard or to maintain on the balcony. Although it is sunny, it should avoid sun exposure at noon in summer.

(cheap black plastic nursery cup wholesale supplier)The summer season is the peak season for growth(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In addition to the fertilizer, the potting soil must be kept moist, and if necessary, water should be poured twice a day. If it is a seedling, spray water 1-2 times a day on the leaf surface. In the process of its growth, liquid fertilizer should be applied every 10 to 15 days, and thin liquid fertilizer should be applied every half month from the end of April. From mid-May, it can be guaranteed to continue to bloom(6 cell trays bulk). If you can apply Chunquan 883 or Hui Manfeng Such as high-efficiency humic acid fertilizer, the effect is better.

The basin should be carried out before the room is released in early spring in April(plug trays wholesale). When changing the basin, some old soil and old roots should be removed and re-cutted to promote new branches. After changing the basin, keep the basin soil moist, but there is no water in the basin. If the young leaves are slightly drooped after changing the basin, it should be watered in time. The branches of the night scent grow faster(24 cell trays bulk). If it grows naturally, it can grow about 1 meter in a year. Therefore, it needs to be pruned every year to sprout more side branches and more flowers.(cheap black plastic nursery cup wholesale supplier)

Each side branch is 10-12 cm long(black plastic nursery pots). After the flower is thanked, the dried branches and overly branches should be cut off. In the cultivation and management, scaffolding should be set up. After the plant is shed, it should be topped in time to promote multi-branch. After the flower is opened, the residual stalk should be cut off in time, and the fertilizer should be applied. After the flower is thanked, the dried branches and branches and the dense branches should be cut off(4 cell trays bulk). The chief is short-cut. Coal pollution disease and ring disease often occur, and can be sprayed with 50% methyl thiophanate WP 500 times.

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