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Cheap Black Plastic One Gallon Pots In Bulk USA

Different varieties of the same crop, or different crops, such as vegetables, flowers, etc.(plastic nursery pots), the first example of annual production: assuming 1 million orders, due to loss, etc., it is impossible to produce only 1 million plants in actual operation, and must be more Produce some. The extra part can only be discarded before, and after the application of radio frequency identification (RFID), the sales information of the remaining products can be released in time(128 cell plug trays supplier), which avoids waste and increases the efficiency.

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(cheap black plastic one gallon pots in bulk usa)The second example: concentrated in the words "efficiency" and "benefit"(plug trays wholesale). From matrix preparation to seeding, process, system operation, bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID), etc., the sticker on the tray consists of three parts. The leftmost color bar indicates the emergence time, the different colors correspond to different times, and the information is clear at a glance(72 cell propagation trays); the bar code next to it is one big and one small, and the small barcode can be peeled off and attached to other places for easy operation.

One: pH (pH), AKL (alkalinity), EC (conductivity). These three indicators not only affect the growth of the seedlings themselves(plastic nursery pots wholesale), but also the efficacy of fertilizers and other agricultural materials. There are usually three water pipelines installed abroad: one water purification pipeline, one acidification treatment pipeline, and one water and fertilizer integrated application pipeline, which guarantees the regulation of the above-mentioned indicators and monitors them at a fixed frequency(200 cell seed starting trays). At present, most domestic seedling seedling production practitioners They are quite strange.

(cheap black plastic one gallon pots in bulk usa)Second: With the current technical conditions(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), even if advanced watering facilities are in place, there will inevitably be water inequality in corners and other areas, and the lack of trapping needs to be manually operated. After long-term practice accumulation in foreign countries, a set of defined standards widely recognized by practitioners has been formed. Through the specification of different senses such as color and feel(32 cell seed starter trays), the dry and wet state of different substrates is corresponding to the numbers, which is convenient for operation and communication.

Such expensive seeds, but why is it not good(black plastic nursery pots)? The realization of the goal of 100% seedling rate requires follow-up of technologies such as breeding and deep processing of seeds. The traditional live broadcast method is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern mechanized production. The traditional live seedling method (sowing and on-demand) has low uniformity, long slow seedling period and low survival rate, while the seedlings have high uniformity, short seedling period and plants(72 cell plug trays supplier). It is strong and has no pests and diseases, which is conducive to the actual production of vegetables.

(cheap black plastic one gallon pots in bulk usa)The seedling substrate should strictly eliminate the infection of pathogenic bacteria (such as Fusarium(wholesale nursery pots), Pythium, Rhizoctonia, bacterial spot disease, TMV, root-knot nematodes, etc.), pest eggs (such as cockroaches, swamp flies, etc.) and weed seeds.How to define dry and wet? How much is the quantity? What is the standard? More orders are used for production, and slight changes, such as personnel standing, bolting, etc.(plant start trays wholesale), should be good to improve work efficiency and improve business efficiency.

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