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Cheap Black Plastic Plant Pots 25cm Wholesale Supplier

In addition, the other nutritional value of vitamins, iron, minerals and other nutrients contained in spinach is the top of the vegetables(plastic plant trays wholesale)! What are the techniques for planting spinach on the balcony? Especially what are the common pests and diseases of spinach in the cultivation process of the balcony? How to prevent it? Let's learn together with Xiao Qiao(gallon pot). I hope that you can help you grow spinach in the balcony garden!(cheap black plastic plant pots 25cm wholesale supplier)

The main diseases are leukoplakia and blight: White mold grows in the back of the lesions(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The blight of the leaves is dark and tarnished. The mesophyll gradually yellows and gradually expands upwards. Then the roots become brown and die. The technique of planting spinach on the balcony is very important(104 cell trays bulk). Because spinach is very fragile at high temperatures, it is most important to use seeds with resistant varieties in autumn sowing.

Tip: It is important to treat with drugs if necessary(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The basic point of disease prevention is to avoid continuous planting in cultivated soil, culture in new soil, and avoid high temperatures and humidity. In addition, if soil drainage is done well, it can prevent disease from happening(72 cell seed starting trays). Since harmful pests can cause vegetable virus infection, here is a suggestion that you can prevent pest infection by placing an insect repellent net and fixing it with a strap.

(cheap black plastic plant pots 25cm wholesale supplier)Spinach is a typical greenish yellow vegetable. leukoplakia forms pale yellow-white spots along the veins of the leaves(square grow pots). Caterpillars have a strong appetite and the grown leaves may be completely damaged. In the autumn, the plants need to be taken out of the potting soil, and the larger containers are selected(128 cell seedling start trays). Clean used tools in time after use to ensure safety. Caterpillar It is nocturnal and eats leaves at night. 

The aphids gather on the leaves and stems and suck the plant juice(large plastic terracotta pots). Especially between September and October, special attention should be paid to prevention. The main point of putting in the mosquito repellent net is to confirm that the pest does not adhere to the leaves, soil, and the like(128 cell seed starter trays). If pests are found, they should be disinfected as soon as possible. The main pests of spinach are aphids and caterpillars.

Precautions for handling drugs: When using drugs, be sure to wear gloves and avoid direct contact with drugs(cell trays). Please pay attention to the packing instructions when handling the drug. In the case of diluting the drug with water, it is best not to use too much, but if there is any remaining drug, please do not discharge it directly into the sewage(seed plug trays wholesale). Read the instructions for use of the drug carefully and use it properly.(cheap black plastic plant pots 25cm wholesale supplier)

Plants with early onset are significantly dwarfed(nursery plant pots). Usually, when it is best to raise the mandala fall, in fact, in the autumn, it is necessary to turn the pots for soil conservation in the fall. It is recognized as the germination period and the winter jujube. From the white ripening period to the color changing period, I like to grow in ample sunshine(32 cell seed starting trays), but the autumn sun is not particularly strong, and it can be carefully placed in the sun to maintain.

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