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The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is inversely proportional to the temperature(cheapest 2 gallon pots), that is, the higher the air temperature and the higher the water temperature, the less dissolved oxygen in the water; the lower the temperature and the lower the warm water, the more dissolved oxygen in the water will be(rooting tray). Some people will have a special preference for certain flowers, but this kind of flowers may not be cold resistant.

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When the temperature is high, the microorganism propagates rapidly, which easily leads to the deterioration of water quality(4 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the selection of hydroponic flower species, we should not only consider whether the selected flower species can survive the winter safely and adapt to indoor light conditions, but also consider the conditions of hydroponic culture(germination tray price). So, you can buy them and grow them after the weather turns warm in spring.

(cheap black plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)The water exchange interval of hydroponic flowers is related to the following factors: temperature(7.88inch plastic plant pots). When the light is not enough, it often causes the plantation to grow excessively, the stem is thin and weak, the internodes are elongated, the leaves become small or even deformed, and lose their luster. Flower abandoned plants grow strong and normal, and the interval between water exchange can be longer(nursery tray). Flower species.

For example, the roots of brown bamboo are hard and not easy to rot. therefore, the water exchange time of these hydroponic flowers can be appropriately long(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Therefore, when the temperature is high, it is easy to change water frequently, and when the temperature is low, the interval time for changing water can be longer(deep propagation trays). Some flower discards are more suitable for hydroponic conditions: some flowers have special roots.(cheap black plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)

In summer, flowers such as Sedum wilsonii and P. tomentosa can take root quickly, but they will die when the temperature is high(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Especially in the case of rotten roots caused by high temperature or excessive fertilization, in addition to timely cutting off the rotten roots, it is necessary to change water every day until the plants resume normal growth and sprout new roots(v15 nursery pots), then they can be transferred to normal maintenance.

(cheap black plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)The growth regulators for promoting rooting are Senna acetic acid, Lena butyric acid, qinacetic acid, ABT rooting powder, etc.(1 gallon plant pots supplier), especially tea acetic acid and sentinel butyric acid. The concentration of acetic acid used is 10 ~ 200 mg / L, and the treatment time is 8 ~ 24 hours(lavender plug trays). Sedum chinensis and other flowers will produce rotten roots in high temperature in summer, but they can take root again after cooling in autumn.

The consumption of dissolved oxygen in water by flowers is positively proportional to temperature(2 gallon plant container wholesale), that is, the higher the temperature is, the more vigorous the respiration of plants is, and the more dissolved oxygen is consumed in water; the lower the temperature is, the lower the water temperature is, the weaker the respiration of plants is, and the less dissolved oxygen is consumed in water(128 cell plug flats). The growth potential of flower waste.(cheap black plastic plant pots manufacturers europe)

It can be soaked at 1-2 cm of cutting at the base of cuttings, and the whole cuttings need not be soaked(gallon plant pots wholesale). For the flowers which are not suitable for hydroponic conditions, the frequency of changing water should be increased. For the plants with normal growth, water should be changed every 5-7 days in summer, 7-10 days in spring and autumn, and 10-15 days in winter(plastic plant pot suppliers). Flower growth is bad, change water should be more frequent.

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