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Cheap Black Plastic Plant Trays In Bulk

In general, physical properties include particle size(cell trays), bulk density, porosity (water holding porosity, venting porosity), water holding capacity, and cation exchange capacity. Too little water will cause drought stress in seedlings. The pores above 0.1 mm in the matrix mainly contain air, and the pores between 0.001 and 0.1 mm mainly store moisture, and the ratio between the aeration porosity and the water holding porosity(flat plastic tray), that is, the ratio of gas to water, determines the water holding capacity of the matrix.(cheap black plastic plant trays in bulk)

The amount of cation exchange indicates the ability of the matrix to retain nutrients(propagation tray). The reference values of various physical properties are shown in Table 1. Chemical properties include organic matter content, pH value, electrical conductivity (EC value), mineral nutrient content, etc., especially pH and EC values are the most critical. Matrix pH determines the availability and microbial diversity of mineral nutrients(plastic grow pots). Low pH increases the solubility of elements such as iron, manganese and aluminum, and too low a pH will reduce the effectiveness of phosphorus.

The EC value reflects the content of soluble salt in the matrix, which is too high(gallon nursery pots). The roots of the seedlings are difficult to absorb water, the root tip is brown, the root hair is less, and the EC value is too low. It is likely that the matrix nutrient is lacking, the leaf color turns yellow, and the hypocotyl and stem are weak. The reference values of various chemical traits are shown in Table 2. Biological characteristics include the number of matrix microorganisms, community structure, enzyme activity, etc(square nursery pots). These indicators are closely related to the decomposition of rhizosphere organic matter and the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

(cheap black plastic plant trays in bulk)However, due to the small development space and poor buffering capacity of the plug seedling roots(plug trays), the organic component accounts for 50% to 70% of the total matrix. The components of the matrix can be broadly classified into three categories: organic components, inorganic components, and microbial components. The seedling substrate should strictly eliminate the infection of pathogenic bacteria (such as Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, bacterial spot disease(greenhouse supplies pots), TMV, root-knot nematodes, etc.), pest eggs (such as cockroaches, swamp flies, etc.) and weed seeds. .

In the process of vegetable planting, the method of seedling raising is widely used(black plastic plant pots). At present, the soft plug trays after sowing are manually transported to the greenhouse for seedling, and the trays are stacked together during transportation, and the deformation of the trays during the placement also causes the matrix soil and seeds to be squeezed in the trays. Shift, affecting the quality of seedlings(seed starter trays). It is of great significance to develop a practical and reliable post-sowing tray placement device to improve the quality of vegetable seedlings and reduce labor intensity.

(cheap black plastic plant trays in bulk)The overall structure of the automatic placement machine after the vegetable seedling raising seedling design of the vegetable seedling seedlings mainly includes the chassis walking steering device(gallon plant pot), the lifting device, the rotary tray pushing device and the placing device. The scissor lift device automatically adjusts the working height to adapt to the height of the output tray of the seeding machine, and sequentially inserts the trays for the seeding of the soil into the stacking device of the swinging machine(wholesale greenhouse pots), and the machine automatically completes a working cycle.

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