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Cheap Black Plastic Planters 15 Gallon Bulk Buy Canada

Studies have shown that the seed's nutritional value in the process of germination(seedling trays wholesale), or growth of seedlings far exceeds the original seed (1), because it is commonly used for germination with more vitamins. Some seeds can increase their vitamin content by 20 times and some are higher during germination or seedling growth. For example, mung bean sprouts, the contents of vitamins B1, B2 and B3 increased by 285%, 515% and 256%, respectively(12 cell seed trays). Produce more active enzymes (enzymes).

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(cheap black plastic planters 15 gallon bulk buy canada)The active enzyme content in sprouts is 100 times that of fresh vegetables and fruits(plastic nursery pots). These active enzymes enable the body to more efficiently absorb and utilize vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids in food. Essential fatty acids are foods that the body cannot synthesize and can only obtain from the diet. Fiber is an important substance for stabilizing blood sugar, feeding probiotics, and protecting the health of the digestive system(plastic plant trays). It is also a substance often lacked by modern people.

During the germination/seedling process(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), important minerals such as calcium and magnesium are combined with proteins, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize them. Seedlings are: sunflower seeds, broccoli, wheat seedlings, mung beans, alfalfa and so on. Seeds have super health value after germination seedling: rich in antioxidants(grow bags wholesale), minerals, vitamins and active enzymes (enzymes), which are important substances in modern foods.(cheap black plastic planters 15 gallon bulk buy canada)

These valuable nutrients protect the body from free radical damage and provide a large amount of essential substances for the metabolism and detoxification of the body(5 gallon pots wholesale). The rich active enzymes are very helpful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, allergies, liver diseases, weight loss and kidney disease. Neutralizing acidic constitutions, including cancer (tumor likes acidic environment) is rich in oxygen(36 cell seed trays), which is very beneficial for preventing the growth of abnormal cells and the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

(cheap black plastic planters 15 gallon bulk buy canada)Studies have shown that organic sunflower seeds have the highest nutritional value among all germinated seedling seeds(wholesale nursery pots). In the process of germination, sunflower seeds also get extra minerals from organic soil, increasing the nutrient capacity of their seedlings by 300-1200%! Sunflower seedlings contain a lot of chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins (vitamin A, C, E and B), various minerals(1 gallon nursery pots), lecithin, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and plant alcohols.

Because seedlings contain a large amount of active enzymes (enzymes), (black plastic nursery pots)it is very important for people with physical illnesses and the elderly (the ability of the body to absorb and utilize nutrients becomes low when sick or aging). Sunflower seedlings are not only nutritious, but also very delicious. They can be eaten raw (salad/cold), cooked (sautéed, made soup), and juiced (the seedling juice helps the body to neutralize acid(best fabric pots), detoxification/detoxification, Improve the body's immunity).

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