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Cheap Black Plastic Planters Wholesale SA

Planting is generally done in mid-to-late July, planting from late July to early October, and the commercial fruit harvesting period begins in December(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). Then open the ditch according to the planting row spacing, pour large water in the ditch to make the deep layer of the soil have sufficient moisture, and when the ground is dry, raise the high ridge on the ditch, and plant the seedling on the ditch or hole(v19 plastic pots). 

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Dwarf and small varieties can be planted appropriately and can hold up to 2300 plants(cheap plastic hanging baskets); in the greenhouse, large varieties should be sparsely, with 1300~1800 plants. After planting, bury the nutrient soil as a degree(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). Make reasonable use of space and sunlight, and it is advisable to have 5% direct light on the ground in the middle and late stages(21 cell seed trays). When 50% of the seed radicles are exposed, the seeds can be sown.

The method is: After accelerating germination at 25-30°C for 16 hours every day, move to 20°C for 8 hours(40 cell seed trays). Using variable temperature treatment, the buds will sprout neatly in 4 to 5 days. If the seeds are sticky, wash the seeds and wrapping cloth again. This kind of seedling can be properly planted early(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). In addition, the flower bud differentiation is early and good, the flower bud develops well and has a large number of flowers. 

It is possible to apply 2 kg of copper sulfate to 9 kg of hydrogen carbonate per 667 meters in the planting hole to prevent Verticillium wilt(fabric grow bags wholesale). A supporting measure for early spring or overwintering cultivation of barrel eggplant is mulching(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The production practice is often to cover before loading or buckle the cover immediately after planting to increase the ground temperature, promote early rooting, and slower seedlings.

It is necessary to grasp the watering time and do it on a sunny day(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). After watering, ensure that there are at least 3 to 4 sunny days(12cm plastic plant pots). Watering the planting water when cutting, and after slowing the seedlings, trying to create a dry and wet soil environment, using the sufficient bottom wall created before the planting to induce the root system to develop deeper(50 cell seed trays). Generally 15~20 days after planting, cover with mulch.

If motorized well water is used, the water delivery channel should not be too long(plastic ground cover for weed control). Do not use large-span solar greenhouse. If eggplant is cultivated at a low temperature below 10 ℃, it is easy to lack copper and calcium, cause fungal and bacterial diseases, freeze and aging of roots and low yield(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). If ground water is used, the water must be introduced into the greenhouse first, preheated in the pool, and then irrigated.

If the germination temperature is kept constant, the germination is often uneven(112 cell seed trays). It is best to change the temperature of the seeds. The root system of the seedlings is well developed, and the seedlings grow neatly(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). When the seedlings have two leaves and one heart, they shall be planted in a common pot, or loaded into a delimited grid according to the square of 8 ~ 10 cm, so as to induce deep roots and slow seedlings. 

Strong seedling standard(36 cell seed trays): high-quality and high-yield seedlings with strong growth, no diseases and pests, strong vitality and can adapt to the cultivation environmental conditions after planting(15 cell seed trays). The specific morphological characteristics are generally: stout stems and short internodes(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). Two films and one bitter and iron width cultivation in early spring, all localities choose suitable shed type according to the actual situation. 

Cover the seeds with 500 grams of BM bacteria in a circle and 20 kilograms of soil, with a thickness of 0.8 to 1 cm(128 cell plug flats). Pour the water once an hour after loading, and then control the water to squat the seedlings to promote deep rooting. The greenhouse is cut and cultivated during the winter, and watered once before winter to prevent frostbitten roots(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). During the flowering and fruiting period, it can be kept dry and wet. 

In this period, the water is sufficient and the yield is high(20 cell seed trays). The roots are deep and the fruits are shallow and the leaves are vigorous, so the seedlings should be controlled to promote the roots(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The fruiting period of eggplant is like the plant is not lengthy, do not lack water, and prevent the dry leaves from yellowing if they are frozen early(v20 plastic pots). After watering, there is enough time to increase ground temperature and remove water vapor.

Ji Daxing is 80 cm, small row is 60 cm, plant spacing is about 50 cm, and 1300~2000 plants are planted every 667 meters(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The seeds should be washed once on the 3rd ~ 4th day of germination(1020 plant trays). The seedlings of overwintering cultivation in Greenhouse in Shanxi are planted from July to early August, two film and one bitter cultivation is in September, and the seedlings of early spring big paste are raised in late October.

Patriot Xiangshi In winter, from mid-December to late January, the water temperature should be as high as possible when watering, or the difference between the ground temperature and the ground temperature during watering should be smaller(18 cell seed trays). For example, in early spring in Shandong Province, the seedling raising cycle is 90 ~ 100 days, and the seedling raising in the solar heating case takes 80 ~ 90 days(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa).

Therefore, the seedling days (i.e. calendar seedling age) are closely related to the temperature level(12 cell seed trays). Watering is carried out in the morning after sowing bitterness to narrow the gap between ground temperature and water temperature(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The amount of water should not be too large(v23 plastic pots). The basin bottom shall be built into a parallel frame with straw or bamboo pole, and the seed package shall be placed on the frame. 

The temperature in the cold season is above 20 ℃ and can be watered(plastic plant pots). However, delayed cultivation in autumn takes only 60 ~ 70 days from May to June. If the local hotline is added, it can be bred in 60 ~ 70 days. Pour water thoroughly in the shoes first, and broadcast after the water seeps out(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The leaves are large and thick, the leaf color is normal, and the cotyledons and lower leaves fall off and turn yellow early.

Before germination, the seeds shall be turned 2 ~ 3 times a day to evenly heat the inside and outside of the seeds and release the carbon dioxide gas generated during germination(8 cell seed trays). Refer to questions 47 ~ 49 in Chapter IV of this book(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). During the flowering and pollination period, the minimum temperature in the shed at night should be kept at 13 ℃, and the temperature in white weather can reach 25 ~ 30 ℃. 

Do not touch the basin bottom to avoid affecting ventilation(v11 plastic pots). Cover the seed bag with several layers of boiled wet towels, and then put the crab buds at 30 ℃, which can sprout in 6 ~ 7 days(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). The newly harvested eggplant seeds have dormancy(9cm plastic plant pots). Sowing with 0.05% gibberellin solution for 6 hours and then accelerating germination can break the dormancy and improve the germination rate and germination uniformity.

After planting, it can blossom early, bear more fruits and expand quickly(cheap black plastic planters wholesale sa). It can obtain early maturity and high yield, which is the guarantee for obtaining high economic benefits. For winter and overwintering cultivation, long back slope and low back wall solar greenhouse should be selected, with good thermal insulation(6 cell plant trays). Wrap the seeds in wet towel or wet sack (don't wrap too much seeds) and put them in a basin.

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