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Cheap Black Plastic Pots For Nursery Texas

For hi-water flowers, the following methods can be used to keep the soil moist(18 cell plug trays supplier). Sitting on the water. You can use a large basin, which is more than twice the diameter of the flower pot. First pour the water into the pot, then put it into the big pot, then put the water into the big pot. The height of the water should not exceed the height of the pot. half. Then put it in the shade(black plastic nursery pots). The water in the large basin is sent to the soil through the small holes in the bottom of the flower pot. Thus, the soil will not be dry, and the upper soil in the pot will not be immersed in the water.

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(cheap black plastic pots for nursery texas)Disadvantages: easy to cause rotten roots(20 cell plug trays supplier). Using a dropper device like hanging salt water, the water droplets are poured into the base of the stem, so that the water droplets continuously permeate and diffuse into the soil and are absorbed by the roots. The speed of dripping is adjusted according to the type and size of the flowers and trees. This method is advanced and the effect is good, but A dropper device is required(plastic nursery pots wholesale). You can also hang a plastic bag filled with water directly on the top, the bag mouth is tight, and then puncture a small hole in the lower part of the plastic bag with the embroidery needle tip, so that the water in the bag slowly drops to the flower pot. The potting soil will always be moist.

After the plants are first watered, the whole plant is covered with a plastic bag(40 cell plug trays supplier). Because of the plastic bag cover, water vapor can be stored inside. If water droplets are formed on the plastic cloth, the water drops can be dripped back into the soil. The plastic bag can retain moisture for two to three weeks. Note that the blades should not be in contact with the plastic sheet, and the pots covered with plastic bags should not be placed in direct sunlight(plastic nursery pots). When bagging, first insert 3 to 4 sticks above the height of the plant as support.

(cheap black plastic pots for nursery texas)In principle, it is similar to the above-mentioned "sitting water"(104 cell plug trays supplier). For some small and exquisite flowers and plants, even the basin is buried in the wet sand, and the soil can be kept moist. In addition, in order to maintain the wetness of the sand, we can use the mineral water bottle, put a few holes in the mineral water bottle, fill the water, and then put the bottle into the wet sand. Use wicks, cloth strips or laces to absorb water, place one on the pot and the other on a container filled with water(plug trays wholesale). The water level in the container is higher than the pot.

In this way, by capillary action(105 cell seed trays wholesale), water can be continuously supplied to the potting soil, and the pot can be kept moist for about half a minute. The time of watering is very particular. The temperature at noon is relatively high. At this time, watering should not be avoided. If watering, the soil temperature will drop suddenly, and the water absorption will slow down, resulting in insufficient water supply, causing the upper leaves of the flowers to be scorched(seed starter trays). In general, the time for watering should be around 4 pm in the winter and 10:00 in the other seasons.(cheap black plastic pots for nursery texas)

Some people think that indoor plants can be raised indoors without having to move outdoors(sureroot plug trays bulk). In fact, if the potted flower is placed indoors for too long, it will cause poor growth due to insufficient sunlight. At the same time, when flowers do not carry out photosynthesis at night, they also need to breathe and compete for oxygen. Therefore, the potted flowers should be taken out of the house for regular maintenance, and there should be no excessive flowers in the room(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Disadvantages: Short-term strategy, long-term imperviousness will cause plants to rot.

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