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Cheap Black Seedling Trays Wholesale Suppliers Ukraine

Nowadays, there are more and more people raising flowers at home, and the good mood is good(seed starter trays). If you don’t raise it, you can always bring a lot of troubles. It’s not yellow leaves, rotten roots, small flying insects in pots, how to solve these problems. The problem, let's take a look at it together(128 cell trays bulk). The easiest and most practical way is to use a plastic bag to wrap the plant, find a clean plastic bag, spray some insecticide in the bag and put the plastic bag on the flower pot.(cheap black seedling trays wholesale suppliers)

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This set a night, canceled the next day, the general small flying insects(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the black bug will die, the leaves of the green plant become water, and the plastic bag has a certain moisturizing function. In fact, in the process of growing flowers, in addition to eliminating the black fly, plastic bags have many magical effects. Now is the best season for cutting, the weather is warm, but the temperature difference between day and night is still very large(105 cell trays bulk). After the green plant is inserted, you can put a plastic bag to play a good role in heat preservation and promote rooting and germination.

(cheap black seedling trays wholesale suppliers ukraine)In addition, the plastic bag can also be moisturized(plug trays wholesale), and friends who have experience in growing flowers know it, especially the flowers. The next day, in order to sell the flowers better, the leaves of the plants will be sprayed with water in advance, and then put on. Such a plastic bag, the next day, the leaves are green and oily. Ok, this little coup will be over here. The most troublesome thing about balcony flowers is the worms in the pots(98 cell trays bulk). Because they are cultivated on the balcony, it is always uncomfortable to climb and crawl, so you can't use a lot of pesticides. What should you do?

In fact, the flower pot insecticide is not so troublesome(black plastic nursery pots), teach you a trick to easily solve the problem of pottery and insecticide sterilization. What kind of potting soil needs insecticidal sterilization? If it is used as a sterile plant material, it is generally not easy to grow insects if it is kept dry and not allowed to remain in a damp state for a long time. The soil of many insects is often the garden soil(72 cell trays bulk), the humus soil and the compost that we dug from the outside. In particular, there are many eggs in the humus soil and compost, and there are also bacteria.

(cheap black seedling trays wholesale suppliers ukraine)For these soils, insecticidal sterilization is required before use(plastic nursery pots wholesale). For the soil that comes back from these wilderness, if you have a field, it is best to expose it to the sun, and for three days, the basic eggs, the bacteria will be killed. But for many balcony parties, drying the soil is a bit extravagant. If it can't be exposed, then we have to use a little bit of insecticidal fungicide(50 cell trays bulk). Sprinkle the soil into the insects and carbendazim, mix well and put them in a plastic bag.(cheap black seedling trays wholesale suppliers)

Then use the spray of killing flies to spray the bag twice, and tie the bag tightly, preferably in a place with sunlight(plastic nursery pots), so that the temperature in the bag is high and the insects die faster. Basically boring for 3 days and 3 nights, both worms and eggs will be killed. If you have grown bugs in your pot, then you need to observe what kind of bugs, if it is a slender nematode, at the bottom of the pot(32 cell trays bulk), usually because it is too humid, watering it thoroughly, pouring flowers The basin is high, the ventilation is enhanced, and the insects are gone.(cheap black seedling trays wholesale suppliers ukraine)

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