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In winter, you need to control the water, just keep the soil slightly moist(propagation tray). Soil and seeds should be sterilized before planting to prevent pests and diseases during the growing season. The soil should be disinfected with 70% thiophanate-methyl and 90% trichlorfon for soil pest control. The seed can be stored with the seedlings and can be stored in spring and autumn(flat plastic tray). In order to increase the seed germination rate and reduce the trouble of seed storage, the seeds can be directly sown after being dried.(cheap black smart pot wholesale supplier)

Before sowing, it can be sterilized by soaking seeds with a concentration of 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes(plug trays). After the seeds are swelled and swelled, they are placed in bamboo rafts and dried to be sown. After the sowing, it is necessary to strengthen the field management, the temperature is about 20 ° C ~ 25 ° C, about 15 to 20 days to emerge. When the seedling grows to 2 to 4 leaves, it is necessary to remove the weeds in time and combine the seedlings to fertilize(plastic grow pots). Dilute human excrement and 1% to 2% decomposed cake fertilizer at a concentration of 3% to 5% are applied every 7 to 10 days.

Later, use 0.5% to O.8% of compound fertilizer to pour the roots around the seedlings, and try not to pour the solution onto the leaves(gallon plant pot). When the seedlings grow 4 to 6 leaves, they can be transplanted into the basin. The geranium flower has strong ability to divide tillers and grows rapidly. It is easier to cultivate plants by the method of stem propagation. Stem propagation usually takes place in combination with changing pots in the late spring and early summer(greenhouse supplies pots). During the operation, the large clusters of ginger are poured out from the pots, and then divided into small clumps, each of which is 3 to 5, among which there are 1 to 2 new shoots.

(cheap black smart pot wholesale supplier)After the sub-clusters, the underground stems and roots can be planted together with the upper pot(cell trays). In order to improve the survival rate of the ramets, the leaves of the lower part of the stem can be cut off at the time of ramets, and the roots can be cut into small pieces of 8 to 10 cm long to reduce transpiration, or after soaking for 10 minutes with 50% carbendazim 500 times solution. Put on the basin again(wholesale greenhouse pots). In addition, the new plants on the upper part of the ramets should be placed in the shade and managed and fully watered. When the sprouts to be erupted grow to 10 cm, they are moved to the sun for conservation.

When the leaves of Liangzhuliang seedlings grow 4 to 6 leaves(gallon nursery pots), they can be transplanted into the basin to affect the future growth and development. The flower leaf Liang Jiang Xiguang should be planted in loam with light foot, moist fertility and good water retention. Watering, fertilizing, lighting, temperature, temperature, trimming and other technical work should be done according to its growth characteristics(seed starter trays). The environment is like wet, because the leaves are large, the water transpiration is large, and the water should be fully watered during the growth period to keep the soil moist and not dry.

(cheap black smart pot wholesale supplier)The flower is good for the environment with relatively high air humidity(black plastic plant pots). When the plant is too dry, the plant grows poorly, the leaf color is not bright, and the tip of the eye is produced. If the upper pot is too late, the seedlings will be weak, keep the soil moist, so as not to burn the leaves. When the soil is dry, the leaves will curl, the plants will be weak and weak, and the sprouting will be reduced, and even the leaves will be burnt(square nursery pots). However, it should not be too wet. When the soil is too wet, the leaves are wilting, yellowing, and even rotten roots die.

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