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Of course, the flowers of the Gypsophila are small, but there are many flowers(9cm plastic grow pots). Whether it is used as a flower arrangement or a potted plant, it can often bloom beautiful flowers. Moreover, the breeding of the stars is relatively simple, not only can seeding seedlings, but also can be used to breed seedlings by cutting(black plastic nursery pots). Today, Xiaobian will share with you the method of cutting the stars.

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(cheap black soft fabric bags wholesale supplier)Therefore, note: Since the insertion bed should be kept soft, if the temperature in the autumn is suitable(10.5cm plastic grow pots), when the new basin does not absorb water, the number of outlets is large. After changing the basin, you can't rush to fertilize. The flowering period is usually from June to August. However, if the conservation management is good, the whole season can be flowered. 

Only the potting soil can be kept moist during the recovery of jasmine(wholesale nursery pots). Understand the lack of nutrients, other time, how to fertilize the stars? Cut off the bottom branches, let the jasmine grow, while pouring water, pouring to the bottom of the basin to seep, preferably thin and diligent. Firstly, we should cut the strong shoots that were born in the same year and have obvious top-end advantages as the cuttings. 

After the pot is changed, the water is poured in time and poured into the bottom of the basin to seep(90mm plastic grow pots), and then the appropriate branches and leaves are trimmed to facilitate the recovery of the plant as soon as possible. However, in order to improve the survival rate of cuttings, we need to do the following aspects: breathable and permeable, special peat soil can be used as the insertion bed. 

If you change the pot during the vigorous growth season of jasmine, you can only change the poured soil into the big pot(plug trays wholesale). You should pay special attention not to dilute the roots and damage the roots, so as not to affect the growth. Generally, it is cut in the middle of March from the middle of March to the beginning of July or from the end of September to the beginning of November, and the survival rate is relatively high.

(cheap black soft fabric bags wholesale supplier)During the daytime, the best growth temperature of Gypsophila is between 15-25 °C and 10-15 °C at night(100mm plastic grow pots), while spring is more suitable, and cutting seedlings are mostly carried out in spring. It can also be done in the fall, but mostly in the spring. If the temperature conditions are met, it is often not restricted by the season(plastic nursery pots). Perlite can also be used as a slotting machine.

First, the mature branches of the previous year were cut from the mother plants of the Gypsophila potted plants as cuttings(10cm plastic grow pots), and the length was kept at 10-15 cm. Then insert it into the insertion bed and usually take root in 1 month. However, in the rainy season, we can also take the method of cutting the shoots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The length should also be kept at 10-15 cm.(cheap black soft fabric bags wholesale supplier)

The rooting rate of the Gypsophila cuttings is relatively low, and then it is inserted into the cot, and rooting occurs in about 2-3 weeks(11cm plastic grow pots). The method of cutting seedlings of Gypsophila is also relatively simple, and it is roughly the same as the cutting process of many other flower plants(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Wait until the pruned shoots sprout new shoots and give birth to flower buds, apply with decomposed liquid fertilizer to water.

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