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Hawthorn has small spots(plastic plant trays wholesale), sour taste, small fruit, spherical, can be eaten, can also be used as medicine, adaptability, general growth and development is better than other fruit trees. Potassium fertilizer is mainly used, and a certain amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer is applied to promote the growth of the fruit(bulk 10 gallon pots), increase the carbohydrate content of the hawthorn, increase the yield and improve the quality.

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The specific amount of use is also seen as the growth of the object(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The dosage is generally 0.2 kg to 0.5 kg of potassium sulfate, and 0.25 kg to 0.5 kg of ammonium hydrogencarbonate and 0.5 kg to 1.0 kg of superphosphate are applied. It is generally best to carry out the fruit in the late autumn after picking in time(bulk 14 gallon pots), which can promote the absorption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree, which is conducive to the differentiation of flower buds.

(cheap bulk pots for nursery manufacturer)It is equivalent to the application of urea 0.25 kg to 1.0 kg or ammonium bicarbonate 0.7 kg to 5.0 kg. Phosphate fertilizer is mainly used as base fertilizer(large plastic terracotta pots), accounting for about 80% of the annual application rate, which is equivalent to the application of 1.0 kg-5.0 kg of superphosphate containing 16% phosphorus pentoxide(bulk 15 gallon pots). The application rate is determined according to the size of the fruit tree and the yield of the hawthorn.

This can promote the absorption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree(sureroot plug trays bulk), and it is beneficial to apply the fertilizer to the hawthorn tree. The amount of potassium fertilizer in the base fertilizer is mainly 0.25 kg to 2.0 kg of potassium sulfate or 0.25 kg to 1.5 kg of potassium chloride(bulk 20 gallon pots). The application of the base fertilizer is preferably based on organic fertilizer, with a certain amount of chemical fertilizer.(cheap bulk pots for nursery manufacturer)

The chemical fertilizer is mixed with the organic fertilizer or the soil and then applied to the ditch to avoid burning the roots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used, which is about 25% of the annual application rate, which is equivalent to 0.1 kg to 0.5 kg of urea per plant or 0.3 kg to 1.3 kg of ammonium bicarbonate(injection molded nursery pots). According to the actual situation, a certain amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can also be appropriately combined.

(cheap bulk pots for nursery manufacturer)Mainly for the early differentiation of flower buds to improve nutritional conditions(square grow pots), according to the soil fertility status and the basic fertilizer, flowering period of fertilizer application. The soil is more fertile, and the base fertilizer and flowering period are more likely to be applied or less, and the soil is more barren(blow molded nursery pots). The base fertilizer, flowering seasoning less or no application should be properly applied.

The fertilization of the hawthorn is best carried out in time after the fruit picking in the late autumn(gallon pot), that is, in the thin hills of the mountains, the organic fertilizer of the hawthorn, the potassium fertilizer of each fruit tree. The unfertilized manure consumes oxygen in the soil during the decomposition process(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), causing the soil to temporarily be in an oxygen-deficient state, and in this anoxic state, the growth of the crop is inhibited.(cheap bulk pots for nursery manufacturer)

The amount of chemical fertilizer is: Therefore, the nitrogen fertilizer generally used as the base fertilizer generally accounts for about half of the annual application rate(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). The application rate is from 0.1 kg to 0.4 kg of urea per plant or from 0.3 kg to 1.0 kg of ammonium bicarbonate. Generally, the gutters of 20 cm to 40 cm are applied(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), reminding that the ditch cannot be too close to the tree. Combined with irrigation to open a small ditch. 

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