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Cheap Bulk Pots For Succulents Manufacturers USA

Ginseng fruit is native to New Zealand and can be planted in the greenhouse in four seasons(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Large-scale planting in the field is from March to August. Fruits are harvested 3 months after planting. The single fruit weighs about 250 grams and the largest fruit is about 500 grams. The tender fruit is green and fresh(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). The food is sweet and delicious, and the dishes are crispy.

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"Ginseng fruit" is high in calcium and vitamin C, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium and other trace elements required by the human body, and can prevent hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The ginseng fruit was once called the fire of life and the king of cancer by the medical profession(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). Ginseng fruit is suitable for planting in the field in the south subtropical region or using facility cultivation in the middle subtropics.(cheap bulk pots for succulents manufacturers usa)

The suitable temperature for the growth of ginseng fruit is 25 ℃, and it can tolerate low temperature of 3 ~ 5 ℃, and it will freeze to death below 0 ℃(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). Within 15 ~ 30 ℃, it can continue to bloom and bear fruit. The continuous fruiting time is long and the fruit setting rate is high. The yield per mu can reach 2000 ~ 3000 kg(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). In recent years, cultivation has been introduced with success. Ginseng fruit is a perennial herbaceous plant.

(cheap bulk pots for succulents manufacturers usa)It should be applied with bottom fertilizer(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), 4000 ~ 5000 kg of farm fertilizer per mu, 50 ~ 70 kg of N, P, K ternary compound fertilizer, 40 ~ 70 cm in line spacing, deep ploughing 20 ~ 30 cm, and then level The ground is made into strips with a width of 70 cm, and the heel surface is 10 cm above the ground(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). The planting of strong seedlings without pests and diseases is planted in the shape of 50 cm x 50 cm, and mesotrione. 

Generally, it is advisable to plant tonight, with 2000 to 3000 plants per acre(128 cell plug trays supplier). In addition to applying bottom fertilizer, topdressing should be performed twice: once when the seedlings grow to about 30 cm, and once when the seedlings are close to flowering, N, P, and K fertilizers of 3 kg per acre are applied. Outside watering(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). During the flowering and fruiting period, trace elements such as boron fertilizer or Baofengsu 2 should be appropriately added.

Apply a small amount of N, P, and K compound fertilizers and pay attention to weeding and weeding(2.5inch square nursery pots). Generally, the fertilizer is applied once every 10 days, and the potassium fertilizer is mainly applied after flowering. March to June and September to November are the periods when ginseng fruit growth and development and flowering and fruiting require the most water, and watering should be timely(3 gallon nursery pots supplier). Ginseng fruit has strong germination ability.(cheap bulk pots for succulents manufacturers usa)

Pruning and pruning should be done in time(3.5inch square nursery pots). From the part of the plant above 15-20 cm, 3 to 5 strong and evenly distributed branches are selected as the main branches, and the rest are cut off. There are 2 to 3 inflorescences on each side branch, 2 to 3 fruits per inflorescence, and the rest of the inflorescences and small fruits are dredged(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). Each plant produces up to 30 fruits. The diseases of ginseng fruit include Phytophthora and Botrytis cinerea.

(cheap bulk pots for succulents manufacturers usa)The stems of the ginseng fruit are relatively soft, and bamboo stems or plastic ropes must be used to prevent them from falling when they start to bear fruit(4.5inch square nursery pots). 110-150 grams of chlorothalonil can be used 400-800 times with water per acre, 600-800 times with grey mold net, and 1000 times with carbendazim and methyltobutin(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). The main pests are aphids and red spiders, which can be used alternately with 1500 times liquid diclofenac, 1500 times liquid pyridazinone.

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