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Cheap Cell Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers Saudi Arabia

In addition, the waste water from the fish tank and the fermented rice washing water contain certain nutrients(plug plant trays), which are beneficial for watering flowers. Water supply during flowering should be appropriate, too little water, poor flowering, flowering period shortened; too much water, it is easy to cause falling flowers, buds(13cm plastic grow pots). It is better to choose clean and neutral soft water where conditions permit.

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Especially to the fruit growth period(rootmaker trays), we should pay attention to give sufficient water and fertilizer, in order to benefit the fruit to be big. When watering flowers with well water or tap water, it should be stored in the sun for 1-2 days in summer, which can improve the water temperature and reduce the temperature difference between water and basin soil(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Can also be grass or peel, cabbage leaf chopped, water tolerance after.

(cheap cell seed trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)If we can often use rain water to irrigate the waste flowers such as Dulu, camellia, orange, etc.(farm tray), which like acid soil, we can not only grow healthily and luxuriantly, but also extend the cultivation period. Do not use washing water containing soap or washing powder or greasy dish washing water for watering flowers(lavender plug trays wholesale). The temperature of water for watering flowers should be close to the temperature of pot soil.

The city tap water contains more chlorine and the water temperature is too low, so it is not suitable to directly water the flowers(200 cell plug trays). If you directly pour cold water on potted flowers in the hot summer or under the hot sun, the soil temperature will drop suddenly, so that the root hair will be stimulated, which will hinder the normal absorption of water(cheap 2 gallon container), lead to "physiological dry early", cause leaf scorch, and even lead to plant death.(cheap cell seed trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)

The amount of water should be controlled in fruit setting period after flowering to avoid fruit drop(288 plug tray). In addition, most of the flowers require the soil solution to be neutral or slightly acidic, ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. If there is no soft water, local materials can also be used to treat the water that is not suitable for direct watering(greenhouse trays plastic). It must be stored in tanks for 1 ~ 2 days before the chlorine in the water volatilizes.

(cheap cell seed trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)In some areas, the groundwater contains a lot of saline alkali components, and the pH value is above 7.0(v16 nursery pots). If the flowers are irrigated with this water for a long time, the flowers in acid soil will be abandoned and turned yellow, mineral free, and the growth will be poor. A small amount of ferrous sulfate (1%) or vinegar can be added into water to prepare acid water for watering flowers(barrels, pools)(soil block propagation trays). Water temperature.

In soft water, rainwater (or snow water) is the most ideal, because rain is a kind of water close to neutral(soil block trays), and has more air, which is most suitable for the growth of flowers. In the practice of flower cultivation, some people irrigate the flowers with cold boiled water or magnetized water, which can obviously promote the growth and flowering of waste flowers(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Soft water with less salt is better for watering flowers.(cheap cell seed trays wholesale suppliers saudi arabia)

Finally, the supernatant was taken and the flowers were watered(grass plug trays). Because this kind of water contains a lot of dirt, it is easy to block the capillary of soil after watering flowers, destroy the permeability of soil, hinder the air entry, affect the normal respiration of flower roots, resulting in poor growth of flowers(best microgreen trays). The quality of water for watering flowers directly affects the growth and development of waste flowers.

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