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Only with the increase of new leaves, thin fertilizer is applied once a week in the growing period of the bamboo taro(cell trays), the concentration is equivalent to 3-4g urea per kilogram of water, 3G urea plus 1g potassium dihydrogen phosphate, or the compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of similar concentration(4 inch succulent pots), or the fertilizer water of the ripened dilution cake, avoiding the application of nitrogen alone.

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Generally, the roots are not pruned. This paper mainly talks about the process of making rotten leaf soil from the field. It's very simple to make rotten leaf soil(black plastic plant pots). Gradually increase the amount of water. When winter comes, the suitable temperature for growth is 18 ℃ to 25 ℃. Before raising celery seedlings, the ground should be prepared and the seeds should be soaked for germination(cell flats). Note that once celery survives, it will be easier to manage, when the soil is dry.(cheap commercial plastic plant pots bulk buy)

Key points of hydroponics of Anthurium andraeanum: not cold resistant, warm and warm in winter(square nursery pots). Although it likes high humidity, it doesn't like the water in the basin. When the new leaves start to sprout, it can't be watered too much. There are many bacteria in the rotten leaf soil in the field, and there are different kinds of celery, so it's necessary to stop fertilization in winter(succulent pots online). After the flower withers, cut off the remaining flowers and spray the leaves with fertilizer so that the Anthurium can grow normally. 

(cheap commercial plastic plant pots bulk buy)In hydroponic culture of Anthurium andraeanum, half of the roots should be exposed to the air, so that the roots can breathe in the air and easily lead to rotten roots(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The root system of hydroponics plants is exposed to light, and the plant cells have photosynthesis after exposure to light, so does the root system(2.5 inch plant pots). Normal when green. As long as it is not direct sunlight, it can ensure the healthy growth of roots. Not all hydroponic roots will eventually become green and healthy.

Water cultivation steps: select a basin of beautiful and blooming red palm, pat around the basin gently, take off and change basin(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Then remove the peat soil. It is usually washed by soaking in water. Otherwise, flush the root system with a faucet with a nozzle. Trim the yellow leaves and residual roots, soak them in 0.1% potassium permanganate solution for 15 minutes for disinfection, and then rinse them with water(cheap plastic hanging baskets). Prepare the round glass bottle and decorate it with pebbles at the bottom.

(cheap commercial plastic plant pots bulk buy)Like high air humidity and half Yin environment(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In hydroponic culture of Anthurium andraeanum, the speed of inducing new roots is longer than that of plants such as silver queen, but the life of its roots is stronger. Once it forms hydroponic culture system, it is very easy to maintain(potting pots wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to select robust virus-free Anthurium plants, which can be sterilized with agricultural streptomycin, and then domesticated with flower nutrient solution.

Daily maintenance: it is difficult to clean the matrix residue on the root hair of Anthurium palmatum at one time(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). It can be gradually cleaned in combination with daily maintenance. It is not allowed to wash it forcibly because it will cause root damage. According to the situation after water cultivation, only the growing roots are cut short(large black plastic planters). Red palm requires stable water temperature. When changing nutrient solution, the temperature difference should not be too large.(cheap commercial plastic plant pots bulk buy)

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