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Cheap Decorating Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale

During the three-year survey(plastic nursery pots), the high-altitude townships (such as Qingshui Township) planted around August 26 and the incidence of sowing on September 5 was significantly different. The incidence of chlorotic heart rot is low(18 cell trays bulk). The temperature difference between day and night is closely related to the activity of insect vectors and the proliferation of phytoplasma in the host.(cheap decorating plastic flower pots wholesale)

Delayed sowing, the incidence of lettuce is significantly reduced, but late sowing, the late stage of lettuce is susceptible to frost "heart" affects quality(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Therefore, the sowing date of autumn lettuce in high altitude areas should be arranged in early September, and the sowing date of autumn lettuce in low altitude areas should be arranged around September 20(36 cell trays bulk). The height is 30cm, the width of the groove is 30cm, the width of the raft is 60cm, and the row spacing is 20cm×35cm.

This should be in the high-altitude area of Qingshui, and the temperature will drop rapidly in the early and late September(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is controlled to apply 2500 kg of organic fertilizer per 667 m2, 100 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and 50 kg of ternary compound fertilizer 50 kg before 3 to 5 days before transplanting, and then plow the whole crop(40 cell trays bulk). Yongan local pepper cultivation area is relatively wide, so it is necessary to stay away from the pepper field. 

(cheap decorating plastic flower pots wholesale)The investigation found that lettuce near the pepper field was seriously affected(wholesale nursery pots). Studies have shown that the phytoplasma of capsicum sclerotium and lettuce chlorotic heart rot phytoplasma belong to the phytoplasma 16SrI-B, confirming that pepper is the intermediate host of lettuce chlorotic heart rot, and the black field of the pepper field The number of forked spider mites is more(40 cell tray in bulk), which provides favorable conditions for pathogen infection.

The watering and fertilization in the seedling stage can be directly poured from the insect-proof net(black plastic nursery pots), and the net cannot be smashed. 2 to 3 days before the transplanting of lettuce seedlings, the insect repellent nets were smelted, and then pesticides such as pyridoxone and beta-cypermethrin were sprayed to prevent leaf mites, and at the same time, transplanting with drugs was carried out(51 cell trays bulk). After the lettuce is emerged, the shading net is removed.

The bamboo piece is bent into a small arch and inserted into the Daejeon Gully to build a small shed(8 cell trays bulk). The shed is covered with a 30-mesh insect net with a width of 2m, and a black shade net is added. The bottom of the net is compacted with clods to avoid the height of the seedlings. Keeping close to the insect-proof net to create a chance to eat and spread the disease(104 cell trays bulk). Dilute seedlings and seedlings, seeding 5g seeds every 10m2.(cheap decorating plastic flower pots wholesale)

Studies have shown that the use of insect-proof nets to block pests such as black-headed birch(cell trays), the best disease prevention effect, can ensure that the lettuce seedlings are basically free of bacteria, and the lettuce is transplanted after the field is delayed by 10 to 20 days than the seedlings that are not covered with insect-proof nets(72 cell seed starting trays). After sowing, the planting field should be re-applied to the base fertilizer.(cheap decorating plastic flower pots wholesale)

Generally, about 18 days after sowing, when lettuce seedlings are used, 4 to 5 leaves are transplanted(12 cell trays bulk). Before transplanting, 48% zhongdingling EC herbicide 200-250mL/667m2 was used for perforation and transplanting. It is advisable to plant the soil on cloudy or evening, and root the water after planting. And the incidence rate is greatly reduced(128 cell seedling start trays). Planting in two rows, after spraying the surface of 60kg of water, planting about 3800 plants per 667m2. 

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