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Cheap Decorative Large Plastic Plant Pots Bulk Buy

If you can't stay, how to manage it? How big is the pepper seedlings to be suitable for flowering(nursery plant pots for sale)? Let me introduce you in detail: How to manage the greenhouse in the autumn? After the autumn, the management of the peppers after planting: It is best to post-kiln peppers in the middle of September to the end of October(plastic plant pots wholesale nz), and control the suitable temperature to promote the growth of peppers from late October to November.

Cover management: After the pepper is planted in the greenhouse, it can be used for ventilation, shading and cooling(planting trays wholesale). Where there are conditions, the straw curtain or shade net can be used to cool the outside of the greenhouse, and the greenhouse can be ventilated day and night(mini plastic plant pots). By the end of October, before the first cold current came, a small arch shed should be set up in the greenhouse to keep the temperature required for pepper growth.(cheap decorative large plastic plant pots bulk buy)

After l2 months, the small shed film can be covered first, covered with straw curtains, and covered with a film outside the straw curtain(50 cell plug trays). The greenhouse film must be pressed with soil to prevent leakage of frozen seedlings. With this set of protection facilities, peppers can be safely wintered in normal climates, but in management, it is necessary to keep seeing light every day(black plastic flower pots). Even in rainy days, it is necessary to remove the small shed film and grass curtains.

According to the current seedlings, can you retain the fruit(starter pots)? When the daytime temperature is stable below 28 °C, the straw or shade net outside the greenhouse can be removed. After December, pay attention to heat preservation and antifreeze, and be listed after January of the next year. Generally, it is exposed at around 8 am. Cover the shed, cover the shed at about 5 pm(seed cell trays). Spray 30 mg/kg of water-soluble anti-dropping solution to preserve the fruit.

(cheap decorative large plastic plant pots bulk buy)The greenhouse has been transplanted for 20 days in the greenhouse(seed starting tray wholesale). It has been about 35 centimeters high, but it has already blossomed. The management of fertilizer and water: after planting, according to the soil moisture, the water is poured, and the water is poured in time. The second top dressing is generally used when the door is 3 cm or so(large outdoor plastic plant pots). Once fat. Winter should be carried out in the morning, and after the medicinal absorption in the daytime, the leaves are dry to the evening.

Plant adjustment: For the weaker plants, the first and second layers of flower buds should be removed in time to promote plant growth(cheap square plant pots). After the first frost (late October), young shoots, ineffective shoots and flower buds should be removed to reduce nutrient consumption and promote fruit growth(nursery supplies pots). Due to the high temperature during the flowering period of pepper, it is easy to cause pollination or plant growth is too high, resulting in falling flowers and buds.(cheap decorative large plastic plant pots bulk buy)

In the early stage of growth, when the temperature is higher than 30 °C during the daytime(deep cell plug trays), the shed film should be rolled up around, the axillary buds below the door pepper are all removed, and the best spraying time for cultivating vegetables and fruits in the greenhouse is: summer morning and evening, after 4 pm, It is not easy to cause phytotoxicity If it is a noon spray, because of the high temperature(nursery tray manufacturers), the absorption of water is easy to cause phytotoxicity.

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