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Cheap Decorative Plastic Plant Pots For Sale

More and more balcony families consider potted blueberries(plastic nursery pots). Let's take a look at what needs to be paid attention to when planting blueberries on the balcony. It is prepared to be prepared. The picture below is blueberry red powder and also called powder water. The air humidity in the cultivation environment should be high to ensure the humidity requirements of blueberries(7.88inch plastic plant pots). The soil moisture should be low, the holes should be more, and it should be ventilated and permeable.(cheap decorative plastic plant pots for sale)

Soil organic matter should be rich and suitable for fungal growth(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The temperature of the cultivated soil should not be too high, and the soil temperature should not exceed 18-20 degrees. In the hot season, the soil should be shaded and sprinkled. Cultivation of the balcony, the soil evaporation is large, will cause the soil to be salted, so the salt should be washed regularly, the method is to use a bucket of water(7.48inch plastic plant pots), then put the cultivation pot inside to soak, and then immediately remove. Drain the water, so it will be repeated several times.

(cheap decorative plastic plant pots for sale)Wash the salt in this way, wash it thoroughly, and wash away the toxic substances(black plastic nursery pots). The simple method is to use a lot of water to water, but the excess water flows out from below. If you do not wash the salt, the soil pH will rise. For this reason, we must add acid to maintain a low pH. In this salting----acid cycle, the salt content of the cultivated soil will rise, eventually leading to Plants die dry and die, and fungi can die under high salt bases(6.5inch plastic plant pots). The water holding capacity should not be too much, that is, it should be properly dried.

Make up the right light every day. Generally, the correct watering method should be watered in the morning or evening(plug trays wholesale). Try to dry for a day, the temperature is similar to the room temperature, and after the chlorine is evaporated, it is especially good to raise flowers. It would be dangerous to pour the fertilizer according to the previous process(6.3inch plastic plant pots). Because its root system does not absorb much water, it is no different to fertilize it, forming a sign of root burning. There are many rains in summer.(cheap decorative plastic plant pots for sale)

Many friends see it raining, and they will move the potted flowers to the outside(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). This is very dangerous, especially for the summer dormant flesh, geranium, fuchsia, crab claws and so on. The rain is cold and the temperature of the pot is relatively high. The rain that falls suddenly can easily smash the roots. And drenched the rain, the long time can not evaporate, and the roots are ruined in minutes(5.9inch plastic plant pots). However, it is necessary to keep water, protect fertilizer, and have strong buffering capacity.

3~6 hours of scattered light can be developed every day(wholesale nursery pots). It is suitable for raising in the shade of the trees. The same is true for desert roses. It is especially charming and beautiful for two or three days. The summer weather is particularly hot. Many potted flowers are afraid. Heat, and gradually go to sleep, sleep in a cool place(5.5inch plastic plant pots). So take care of your hands in the summer, try not to do these dangerous things, and ensure that these flowers are safe and summer.

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