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Cheap Decorative Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers China

In order to obtain high yield and high quality, necessary pruning and branching must be carried out(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). There are two principles of operation, one spray and one clear. How to effectively branch in winter and spring? What should we pay attention to(cell trays). In winter and spring, there will be continuous overcast and snowy days from time to time. May cause the creeper leaf to wither early to fall.

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Most of the sheds are in the state of weak light or no sunshine, and the temperature in the sheds is low(plant germination trays). At this time, if the treatment is carried out, it is not conducive to wound healing and bacterial infection. The next day, the humidity in the shed was high and the plant dewed seriously, which was beneficial to the infection of bacterial diseases such as gray mould and pulp necrosis(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). If the treatment is carried out, the wound is more susceptible to infection.(cheap decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

The most suitable time for planting is spring(shallow germination trays). Therefore, the time of pruning and branching every day should be when the curtain is pulled up, the shed temperature rises and there is no dew on the plant. Agricultural operations such as pruning and branching are bound to cause wounds, which are beneficial to the infection of bacterial diseases such as gray mold and pulp necrosis(square grow pots). The leaves can also be sprayed with compound fertilizer solution (both the front and back sides are sprayed).

The following should be sprayed in time to prevent infection(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Before fruiting, it can spray xiduosheng (propranolol zinc) + Shuxi (cupric succinate), or junsenxin (70% propranolol zinc) + Shuxi (cupric succinate), and then spray Yuegou (50% putrescine) + Shuxi (cupric succinate), or shehuile (40% pyrimethanil) + Kexian to prevent the infection of bacteria from the wound(gallon plant pot). We must form a good habit that we should clear away the diseased bodies and prune the stems and leaves.

(cheap decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers china)What's the principle? 150 g potassium dihydrogen phosphate + 300 g brown sugar + 100 g urea + 50 kg clear water(germination flats). All the flower friends who have ever raised the creeper know that its planting method is very simple, but one of them is that some flower friends are easy to ignore and don't understand. That is to say, breeding(plug trays). In March of the next year, take the seeds out of the wet sand and soak them in 45 ℃ warm water for two days. Cutting is the simplest.

Because of the low night temperature or improper watering in the shed, the greenhouse crops grow rapidly in the process of growing after each round of pruning and branching(plug tray nursery). In the early stage of the disease, yellow brown spots appear on the leaves, and then expand into nearly round spots with a diameter of 3-6 mm(gallon nursery pots). In the later stage, the lesions become light yellow, but the edge of the leaves is brown, and black dots are scattered on the spots - meristematic Spores.

The pot soil should be mixed with organic fertilizer as the base fertilizer(nursery plant trays), and cut off the long stems, water enough, easy to survive. Although the adaptability of Parthenocissus is strong, it needs high fertility. When it is planted in a place with sufficient water and fertilizer, its branches and leaves are dense, and its vine coverage, shade and ornamental effect are much higher(propagation tray). Parthenocissus can also be irrigated in pot soil with foliar compound inorganic fertilizer.(cheap decorative plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

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