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Cheap Decorative Plastic Planters Bulk Buy UK

In life, it is like an indispensable side dish, always accompanying each dish, and it is the finishing touch(plug trays). Garlic is now grown very widely and has a high income. As the temperature decreases, the management method of garlic is certainly different from summer. What are the winter management methods of garlic(seed starter trays)? When you first enter the winter, you must first ensure the emergence rate of garlic, so that the garlic seedlings will not freeze to death because of the cold.

There is no need to break the membrane of the garlic seedlings need to be treated in time by manual methods, so as not to cause hypoxia death in the membrane for a long time(gallon nursery pots). The main thing is that the wind is big. You can use the heavy objects to press the mulch, and don't let it be blown away by the strong wind. Garlic usually begins to sprout slowly after a week of sowing. Many of the seedlings will break their own membranes, and some of the seedlings will not succeed in breaking the membrane(wholesale greenhouse pots). This requires manpower.(cheap decorative plastic planters bulk buy uk)

In the early winter weather, there is no trick to break the membrane, but be careful not to damage the mulch, and go to the ground to see if there is any missing(gallon plant pot). At the stage of growth of garlic, the demand for fertilizer is relatively large. Due to the cold weather in the autumn and winter seasons, the top dressing is based on the long speed of the seedlings(greenhouse supplies pots). If it is found that yellow or dead leaves are found in garlic, it is necessary to remove these necrotic leaves in time and give the nutrients to the real seedlings.

(cheap decorative plastic planters bulk buy uk)Usually, you should pay attention to the drainage work in the field after each rain, and arrange the water volume increase and decrease according to the weather(black plastic plant pots). Then, because garlic is cultivated in the field, if there is too much water, it will cause the roots of garlic to rot and cause pests and diseases(plastic grow pots). Every winter, if you want to clean up the garlic ditch in time and work on the soft soil, each ditch is guaranteed to be connected to each other so that the growing garlic roots can be healthy.

This container is better to fix the garlic cloves, or you can use the vegetable blue(cell trays). Place the scales of the garlic cloves face down, neatly placed in the basket, not too crowded, because they will swell when exposed to water. Don't change the water when you start, just add water to avoid messing up. Find a container of the right size, pour it into clean water, and the water surface can touch the bulb plate(flat plastic tray). The roots will grow in about 4 or 5 days, and you can change the water regularly.(cheap decorative plastic planters bulk buy uk)

It can be harvested in about 30 days, cut off the garlic leaves and wait for the next growth(square nursery pots). Usually, the whole course of hydroponic cultivation of garlic in autumn and winter is more than 60 days, while spring is usually more than 40 days. If it is fully grown and harvested (5 leaves per plant), it can usually be harvested two times. This method will be used here; if the plant is harvested when it grows to 2 or 3 leaves, then the whole process is hydroponics(72 cell seed trays wholesale). It is also very possible to harvest 6, 7 baht.

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