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Cheap Deep Propagation Trays Manufacturers In China

The temperature and temperature dropped, and snow fell again in many places(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Many young garlic plants grown in the field had a series of problems, such as yellowing and uneven seedlings of garlic. What should be the management of wintering in the garlic seedling stage? Let's take a look together(gallon planting pots). The process of garlic from seeding, emergence, and leaf flattening is the seedling stage, which will take about half a month.

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It is also sensitive to the environment(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Various growers should also understand the growth characteristics of garlic at the seedling stage. In this period, it is necessary to provide sufficient moisture and nutrients to garlic to ensure that the garlic seedlings at the seedling stage can grow robust(3 gal plant containers). If the planting period is too early, the garlic seedlings grow too vigorously before the wintering period, and it is easy to cause freezing damage during the wintering period.(cheap deep propagation trays manufacturers in china)

Generally, the garlic planted in autumn is cold and heat-resistant(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Therefore, when planting, it should also be planted straight and stable. The back of the garlic clove must be consistent with the row direction. After the emergence of the garlic, the unfolded garlic leaves will be perpendicular to the row direction, which is also helpful for the reasonable distribution of the leaves(black plastic plant containers). Therefore, the photosynthesis of garlic leaves is improved, and it is very important to increase the yield of garlic.

(cheap deep propagation trays manufacturers in china)After sowing the garlic today, we also need to carry out soil covering and weeding in time(greenhouse supplies pots). Moreover, the absorption capacity of garlic at the seedling stage is not very strong, so we must pay attention to the management of fertilizer and water at the seedling stage, and do not apply too much fertilizer(15 inch plant pots). After fertilization, watering should be done in time to avoid burning seedlings. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. 

Then, when planting garlic, choose a garlic seed that is relatively large and about 5 cm in diameter(nursery plant pots). If the seeding is too late, the accumulated temperature required for the growth of garlic seedlings will not be reached, which will affect the physiological function of garlic and finally affect the yield of garlic. Fertilizing is usually carried out around the evening before fertilizing(plant growing trays). Xiaobian will share with you a relatively easy-to-use fertilizer. 

The pot soil is too wet, and no fertilizer can be applied in the rain or in the sun(plastic plant trays wholesale). Parthenocissus should pay attention not to partial fertilizer and heavy fertilizer when fertilizing. Fertilizer can evenly and efficiently provide nutrients needed for parthenocissus growth and development, prevent disease and stress(nursery tree pots), improve photosynthetic efficiency, and enhance ornamental The effect is more suitable for the application of ivy.(cheap deep propagation trays manufacturers in china)

Insert the treated branches into the soil(black plastic plant pots), soak the water to keep the soil moist, and often spray water to keep the humidity, so the pruning and cutting of greenhouse crops should be sunny. Creeper must apply a small amount when fertilizing, to prevent the occurrence of fattening. When fertilizing, everyone should also flexibly apply fertilizer according to the growth characteristics of the creeper(plastic greenhouse trays). So it is better to plant around October.

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