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Cheap Fabric 1 Gallon Grow Bags Suppliers UAE

So, how to improve the fruit setting rate of plum trees? When bees are released, releasing bees in orchards or horn beepers can significantly increase pollination of fruit trees(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In addition, artificially assisted pollination at the flowering stage, using feather dusters or towel sticks, so gently rolling between the main planted species and the pollinated species' flowers(11cm plastic plant pots), as is plum cultivation.

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Or mix the collected pollen and talc according to 1: 1, and shake pollinate the main planted tree in the flowering period(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The flowering branches can also be inserted into water bottles and hung on the tree of the main planting species. Spraying 300-500 times borax and 100 times white sugar or brown sugar water during flowering period can also improve fruit set rate(12cm plastic plant pots). Every farmer wants fruit trees to be fruitful, so increasing fruit set rate is the most critical step.

(cheap fabric 1 gallon grow bags suppliers uae)Matching pollination trees When constructing a garden, you should properly match the pollination trees, especially those with low self-seed rate or low pollen amount(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The pollination trees should not be less than 30%. In addition, the degree of pruning is increased in winter, and in conjunction with topping in summer, the secondary shoots are cultivated 2-3 times to form fruit branches(12.5 cm plant pots). This can delay the flower bud germination period and avoid frost.

Therefore, it is necessary to take precautionary measures during flowering period(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). First, in the flower bud expansion period of plum tree, put it into a cloth bag, spray 1% -2% lime water on the tree, and delay flowering for 3-5 days. The second is watering in early spring in February(v13 plastic pots). After the ground surface is frozen, the tree is covered with wheat straw, and flowering can be delayed for 3-5 days, and start fumigation when the temperature drops below 0 ° C. 

The basic trunk stays a little higher, which can reduce the frost damage to the flower buds by the cold air in the lower layer(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Choose varieties that bloom later or frost-resistant. Low-lying land is prone to accumulate cold air, which affects pollination and increases freezing damage(plastic terracotta pots). Therefore, try not to build a garden in a low-lying land. When the flowering season is approaching, pay attention to the weather forecast.(cheap fabric 1 gallon grow bags suppliers uae)

When there is a forecast of freezing damage at night, you can get ahead of the orchard and prepare a smoke generating agent(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Picking up the insects and fruits that have fallen from the ground and transporting them out of the orchard for destruction can eliminate most of the plum bees(1 gallon nursery pots). For trees that are too weak, basal fertilizer should be applied after fruit picking, and fertilizer should be applied and sprayed in real time during the development period.

Pay attention to avoid burning trees(128 cell seed trays wholesale). At the end of full bloom, spray the 1500x Lesboben or 1500-2000x fenpyrin carefully on the canopy, and spray it again once a week to control the persecution. Li Shi bee occurred one generation per year and overwintered in the soil under the tree(nursery pots bulk). At the end of the flowering period, the ground was sprayed with 500 times of Lesbian or Phosphine powder, and then lightly stroked after spraying.

(cheap fabric 1 gallon grow bags suppliers uae)Everyone wants to know that dense planting can increase the frost resistance of the population(128 cell trays bulk). Flower buds below 1 meter are susceptible to freezing damage due to the sinking of cold air. For overgrown trees, it is necessary to wipe buds and pruning upright branches in real time to open the branch angle in real time(plastic planters wholesale); 15% PP333 can also be applied to the plants in autumn or spring 3- 5 grams, or spray 150-200 times PP333 after flowering.

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