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Cheap Fabric 15 Gallon Grow Bags Manufacturers Chile

The infection of soybean sclerotinia sclerotiorum and its severity will be different(2.5inch square nursery pots). The following points are not only easy to be infected with sclerotinia sclerotiorum, they are definitely more serious. Fields with excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer are prone to grow soybeans and become susceptible to diseases(v10 nursery pots), and its secretions affect the growth and development of the root system and nutrient absorption. 

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Over-dense field plots are susceptible to diseases due to competition with each other, coupled with poor air permeability and light transmission(3.5inch square nursery pots). In addition, because the pest may cause soybean wounds due to other reasons, soybean sclerotinia follows the strategy of prevention as the main and supplementary prevention and control, and prevention must be started from the time of sowing(plastic plant pots). If there are symptoms in the field, the sooner the better, the better.

(cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags manufacturers chile)Important measures include the following 4 points: When the disease is more serious (especially every year in recent years), it is recommended to stop crop rotation with grasses for more than 3 years(4.5inch square nursery pots), reducing the number of field bacteria, which can have a good preventive effect(12cm plant pots). At the same time, when the field has been infected with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, it is necessary to stop the control in real time, or stop the prevention in advance.

Moreover, when purchasing varieties with higher resistance to disease(4.5inch deep square pots), the probability and severity of infection will be reduced when compared with common varieties when encountering diseases. After the last stubble soybean is harvested or before the stubble soybean is sown, it is necessary to clear out the field for the diseased debris in the field in real time(3 gal plastic nursery pots). It is recommended to stop after the soybean harvest. Space to reduce the number of germs.(cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags manufacturers chile)

The reproduction of harmful microorganisms is planned(seedling trays wholesale), and the micro-ecological environment of the root system is improved.In addition, when soybeans in different areas and different plots encounter continuous rainy weather, they must stop draining water in real time, especially in low-lying plots, so that there can be no accumulated water in the field to reduce the incidence and persecution of diseases(stacking plant pots). But it should be applied 7-10 days before the disease occurs.

(cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags manufacturers chile)In the current agricultural production process, the main cause of re-stubble disease is the multiplication of harmful microorganisms(perlite suppliers). Consecutive planting of the same crop will focus on the absorption of certain nutrients in the soil, causing an imbalance in soil nutrients(large black plastic plant pots). The image is "bacteria + fertilizer", because on the one hand, the fertilizer contains nutrients necessary for the growth of crops such as "organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium".

In areas with more rainy weather, sclerotinia will be more serious(decorative plastic planters). The fungus fertilizer contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, which can reproduce in large quantities after being applied to the soil. Microorganisms in bacterial fertilizers grow and multiply in the roots of plants to form dominant bacteria groups, which form local advantages(6 cell plant trays), which can inhibit and reduce the chance of invasion and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, and have the effect of reducing crop diseases.

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