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Annual herbaceous flowers are widely cultivated as flowers, cut flowers and dry flowers(162 cell seed starting trays). Bosju has strong fecundity, not strict requirements on soil, and can tolerate poor soil, but can not accumulate water. If it is planted in fertile soil, it is easy to cause excessive growth of branches and leaves and affect the quality of flowering(4.5inch deep square pots). Generally, it is sown from April to June, and blooms successively from June to August.

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From August to September, the climate is extremely hot, rainy and less flowering(200 cell seed starting trays). Persian chrysanthemum, also known as Qiuying, originated in Mexico. If the seeds of bosju have the ability of self seeding, a large number of self seeding seedlings will be produced in the future; if it is protected slightly, it can bloom as usual. It can be sown in the open bed in the middle of April(seedling trays wholesale). If the temperature is suitable for about 6-7 days, the seedlings can be unearthed.

(cheap fabric 5 gallon grow pot suppliers canada)During the development period(15 cell trays bulk), it is feasible to cut and propagate, cut about 15cm strong branches under the node, and insert them into sandy loam, properly shade and adhere to humidity, then root in 6-7 days. It can also be propagated by Twig Cutting, 15-18 natural roots after cutting(plastic plant pots wholesale). When the seedlings have 4-5 true leaves, they can be transplanted, and the heart can be removed, or the seedlings can be intercropped after direct seeding.

If the base fertilizer is applied to the planting land, there is no need to apply fertilizer again in the development period(21 cell trays bulk). If the soil is too rich, the branches and leaves are easy to grow in vain, and the flowering is reduced. It is not easy for the flower to bear fruit during the high temperature period from July to August(wholesale nursery grow bags). For short sunshine flowers, the spring seedlings tend to have luxuriant branches and leaves and few flowers, while the summer seedlings tend to be short, neat and blooming continuously.

If it stops in May and is not drought resistant, the thick top branch can be selected and a section of 8 cm to 10 cm long can be cut as the cuttings(32 cell trays bulk). Three to five plants should be planted in the flowerpot in a clump. The basin should be buried in the soil and exposed to the ground for 4 cm to 5 cm. Stop watering and shade, and take root half a month later(spill trays). After rooting, thin liquid fertilizer was applied once every 15 days.(cheap fabric 5 gallon grow pot suppliers canada)

When it was 15 cm long, the top buds were removed to promote more branches(50 cell trays bulk). If the fertilizer and water are properly controlled, flowers can be seen in about 45 days. In the northern part of China, it is possible to apply 5 times water of decomposed urine every 10 days during the development period. Once planted and watered 2-3 times in the dry weather, it will develop and bloom well(vertical pots). The plant of bosju is tall, and the pillar should be set up in the windward place to prevent lodging and damage.

Generally, dwarf plants are usually bred(98 cell trays bulk), that is, when the height of the young seedlings is 20-30cm, the top buds are removed, and then the new top buds are removed several times continuously, the plants can be dwarfed; at the same time, the number of flowers is increased(square plastic plant pots). Less fertilizer and water are needed in the planting garden, and excessive fertilizer and water are easy to cause the plants to grow in vain and fall down, with few flowers.

(cheap fabric 5 gallon grow pot suppliers canada)It is not easy for the flower to bear fruit during the high temperature period from July to August(105 cell trays bulk). It is suitable for picking when achenes turn black, so as to avoid scattering after ripening. The seeds should be collected in the early morning. We must take countermeasures against mildew, aphid and spider mite(72 cell seed trays). Spray Benazolin on mildew and altoran Granule on pests. The harvest site is the pedunculated inflorescence of the Persian chrysanthemum.

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